Sad, Confused, And Lonely

I am married to a man which I married for the wrong reason. I wanted stability and to escape from another. He was not what I needed, but I ignored the warning signs. Before I go into detail, I will say he is not a monster, I am not trying to discriminate him. The truth is, we have no common ground. He complains about everything all the time. He complains about my children all the time and has since we have been together, they are all grown now-the ones that are not his. They have never felt as though he loved them as his children, they have never bonded with him. They feel the same way about him as I do. We are all confused about him and how to feel about him. He yells at me when I make him wait on me, he yells at me about my 17 year old son, that does not live with us because they don't get along. My problem is a few- we have a son together, I also feel he needs me, because of the fact that he can't read and write, I also think he needs someone, because of some things he is dealing with and things that has happened to him. I don't know what to do. I also need to add that I don't feel as though I love him like a husband nor does he love me as a wife. I feel he cares for me as I do him, i also feel he cares for my children, as he would any other person. He loves and cares for people, but I think he loves us the same way as any one else. I feel he is simply scared of leaving me or moving on. I also thinks he uses me for what I can do for him. I feel completely alone and wonder if I should leave and wait for the one for me. I feel depressed because of the fact I feel I need REAL love. I think my question is this: Should I try to make things right? Am I making a big deal that is nothing. Is it something that can be fixed? 
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I'm going through something similar. Not with the mix of kids, but with the marriage thing. all I can say is marriage breaks down because of walls, anger, frustration, lack of communication. Arguing, bickering, blaming get you nowhere. talk talk talk talk talk talk- that's all I can suggest.

I feel you said it in the second line "he is not what I need",,, and I guess you dont love him,,,,because you didnt say you did,,, I'm all for fixing things up but sometimes its just to hard and ,,,,, I wish you the very best,,