How To Deal With A Hard To Deal With Wife?


My story is very long, I hope you wont be bored with it and help me to make the right decision.

I am an Iranian with all Middle Eastern romance feeling and my wife is a Russian with very cold and no romance, well at least in recent years. We met in Shanghai, living and working here. We are ESL kindergarten teachers. We are running a small business beside our work in the kindergarten too, the business makes us quite busy.

I was with a Chinese wife, and completely corrupted in work and life when we met, so i divorced with the Chinese and started dating her. We were living in a different city and we had to travel for 4H to meet each other, my job in Shanghai wasn't very good but she had a good job, so she offered me to move to her city, so she supports me till I get a new job , so i did. But it was a mistake and I couldn't get a job there, she started blaming me that I'm using her and climbing her, and don't wanna find a job, we were fighting and fighting over and over, I had lost over 10kg weight as I was under her huge pressure and didn't want to even eat her offered food , and so she searched and found me a job in Shanghai where i was before. I interviewed and been accepted, the she found me a better job, so I interviewed and been accepted, and then i talked to the manager of the new company (the current kindergarten) to hire my wife too, so they did, and we both are working here for 3 years. I do love her but I feel that it is a one way highway only.

Anyway, although, the life if currently fine and we are also saving but she is still blaming me that she saved my life, she behaves like she hates me, we have sex like once a month if I force for that. Money is god for her. Relationship is a drama story for her and my feeling is nothing to her, she cares nothing about me even if get sick, she says that my salary is low so i shouldn't go to a good hospital to treat myself while I bought her a very expensive insurance. I bought a car and a house, the house is in her name and my name. All my good treating to her is a must and she feels no responsibility to treat back. She always talks about divorce but she never applies our went for it . I love her with all her bad but i cant stand it. Any time that I decided to go for the divorcing, something tells me, there still maybe away that I didn't try yet.

Please help me to make the right decision. Should I go for my 2nd divorce? Is there anyway to turn her to be good to me?

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Jan 9, 2013