I Screwed It Up

One time, I got my wife to get naked in our backyard. She was laying on her back sunbathing. I started messing around with her. We were just about getting ready to **** when I heard a couple of male voices coming from the yard catercorner from our back yard. There is one small spot where if they were to stand in their yard, they could clearly see us. I knew they were a couple of guys maybe 50 years old.

I started getting really excited thinking that they would be able to see my wife naked and maybe even see us *******. However, I got a bit too excited and started telling my wife that the guys were over there. After saying it a couple of times, she got weirded out about being seen, got up, grabbed her clothes and headed back into the house! I could have kicked myself screwing it up like that. Would have been nice to have slowly ****** her, and put on a show for them, with them thinking we didn't see them. Damn!
Willy1776 Willy1776
56-60, M
Nov 29, 2012