So Many Places I Cant Recall Some of Them

I have ***********:

  • very secluded nudist beach behind a rock and a couple enjoyed watching me...I squirt a mega load of *** out
  • in my car whilst driving (long time ago)
  • on highway stops in the car
  • at a river side
  • at night in a street corner
  • in a hotel toilet in some Asian capital (I was a bit drunk from some drinks and somehow not on purpose forgot to lock the damn door, so a guy walked in, you should have seen his eyes, it was so embarrassing, and at a serious 5 stars hotel....)
  • in the changing rooms of a Spa
  • in a swimming pool
  • for a few hours mad self sex play in a hotel room, I was high on some stuff....and had the most amazing experience with myself possible. (this should be a separate story as it was so good, and probably not a story to be publicized)
  • at the bathroom, shower, kitchen, bed, on the dining table, on the floor, in the garden...
  • and for sure in some other crazy places.
  • But the best is if you know someone is watching (who wants to watch you...)

    26-30, M
    Jun 16, 2007