I do it naked now almost every night. One night, about three months ago, I got pulled over naked and hard. The cop was smoking hot. He took one look, and was hard. Tried to pretend he wasn't turned on, but he was. I got out of the car, full mast, and started taking his pants off. His big **** was sweet, I blew him. Ever since then he joins me when he can. Needless to say I never got a ticket.
RomanNZolanski16 RomanNZolanski16
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I read recently in a UK newspaper a report that police were looking for a man who had been spotted driving naked from the waist down. Perhaps he'll suck the **** of the cop who catches him.

Also want to get stopped by a cop, my **** hard n shiny as he shines his light in my car

Add me might b interesting

Getting caught while driving , cop excited n horny knowing he caught u nasturbating.

Fantasy of mine also, pulled over caught jack off, naked n throbbing hard

I *********** while I was driving earlier today it felt sooooooooooooooo good when I came

Hot story.