I Had My First *********** While Thinking About Being Spanked

It was back in 7th grade when I was 11 years old.  I had never been spanked before, but was threatened with spankings all the time.  My parents even kept a Fli-Back paddleball game paddle in the kitchen drawer and often threatened to use it on my butt.  Uncles, neighbors, teachers, and friend's parents all threatened to spank me if I misbehaved.  I used to wonder what it felt like to get spanked and would even look up words like spanking, whipping, birch, paddle, strap in the dictionary and fantasize about being on the receiving end of a spanking.  I'd also get turned on by words like naked, nude, ********, bare and phrases such as "in the raw" or "in the buff".   I was lucky enough to witness several of my friends get spanked at home and paddled in school and I would always get a ***** whenever I saw them get spanked.  7th grade was the first time boys had wood shop and when paddlings became an everyday event and when spanking became sexual for me.  On the first day of class our teacher, a young guy just out of college, showed us his wooden paddle and told us that any misbehavior or carelessness around the tools would be punished with a swat of his paddle.   We didn't even make it through the one hour class period before one of my friends committed a paddling offense.  Now paddling in school wasn't anything new to us, but what made this different was the position the teacher made the miscreant take for the paddling.  He explained the position carefully to the first boy to get paddled and the rest of us couldn't believe our ears.   He had the boy stand in front of a workbench and lean against it with one hand, step back about 3 feet and spread his legs as wide as he could, then the part that was different.  He made the guy grab and hold his balls with the other hand.   I couldn't figure out why he had the guy grab his genitals while he was being paddled, so when I went home that day, I locked myself in my room and began to imagine the butt of the guy that was paddled in class.  I leaned against my dresser, stepped back and grabbed and started fondling my hard **** and balls. I would imagine what it felt like to get paddled, what it felt like to get paddled in front of 20 or so other guys, and would imagine myself in his place.   Before I knew it I **********.  At the time, I wasn't sure what happened, and it scared me, but it sure felt good! 

Shop class was the last class of the day, and guys seemed to get paddled in class everyday, so I'd go home and repeat the ritual, thinking about being the one that was standing there in front of the class getting a humiliating paddling.  Shop class paddlings were generally one swat over a clothed butt, however that one swat was usually enough to make a boy's face red, make him walk funny and wince, yelp, or even leave with tears in his eyes.  I began to notice the athletic guys were the ones that seemed to get paddled most often and in gym class I'd be sure to get a good look at their naked butts in the locker room so I could visualize them bare the next time they were spanked. Whenever I saw those athletic guys walking down the halls, I'd look at their butts and imagine them being spanked or paddled.  A few of them even commented to me that the one thing they really wanted to see was ME get paddled!   In grade school gym class I occasionally got to see a guy get the paddle when he was naked in the locker room but it was not that often. 

I still didn't know what was happening when I was rubbing my crotch, but started leaning into the dresser and humping myself against it, and then progressed to laying on the floor and grinding my hardon against the rug.  Then I found it more pleasurable to put a couple pillows on the floor and hump them instead.  I liked the pillows because they made my butt stick up like the times I saw my friends spanked at home in an over the knee position.  At first I rubbed my crotch through my jeans and underwear, and then progressed to ************ pants down, then eventually ******** buck *** naked when I played with myself.  I would imagine some adult authority figure or even my own friends who knew I never had a spanking, stripping me completely naked and bending me over their knees for a long hard spanking. 

Right about the time I started high school, I figured out what I was doing and paddling was even more frequent  Not only the principal, but the dean of boys, all the shop teachers, every one of the gym teachers and several male teachers all had paddles and didn't hesitate to use them.  The high school teachers paddled a lot harder, and there were more occasions where the guy got paddled bare. 

My **** got rock hard every time I saw one of my friends get spanked.  I never saw any of my friends with hardons when they got paddled, or even if they were in the locker room naked watching another guy get paddled.  I thought I was the only one turned on by spanking.  I did read a couple issues of Penthouse Letters where a guy got spanked by a woman or other guys, but it wasn't until I was in college and went to an adult bookstore that I saw my first FemDom spanking magazine.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Right in front of me there were stories and photos of guys ******** naked laying over a woman's knees getting their *** spanked, paddled, strapped, cropped, and switched.  Full color photos of guys like me with a throbbing hardon because someone was spanking them!  I stopped in every adult bookstore I could find looking for more spanking ****, and I found a male/male spanking magazine.  While I did get turned on by the thought of women spanking me, I was even more turned on by the humiliation of being aroused when another man spanked me.  After all a man is supposed to be aroused when he's naked in front of a woman, but it's much more embarrassing to be aroused when naked in front of another guy.  I bought the Spankography magazine, devoted to guys spanking other guys and read the stories and looked at the pictures imagining myself being the one on the receiving end of the spanking.   This magazine even went into the humiliation aspect of spanking that turned me on so much.  I carefully read the stories and looked at the photos of guys being spanked with their legs spread wide so not only were their balls hanging down in plain view, but their cracks were spread wide so their butt holes were also in plain view.  Being fully exposed like that adds so much to the embarrassment of a spanking!  I even made some of my own spanking paddles.    I began to fantasize about someone catching me ************ with the spanking magazines and homemade paddles laying next to me and having to explain out loud to them exactly what I was doing.   I'd imagine a group of my own friends finding out about my spanking fetish.  That would be the most embarrassing - having other guys I know and have to face every day know that I want them to ***** me naked and give me a thoroughly humiliating spanking. I know that if my friends or co-workers caught me ******* off to spanking ****, they'd spank me spank me whenever and wherever they want to from that day on and there would be nothing I could do but accept it, or they'll tell everyone about my desire to be spanked.

I experienced my first real spanking at age 47 when I met a 23 year old guy that ******** me naked, bent me over his knees and put me in every other imaginable spanking position and spanked and paddled me for 45 minutes.     

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I do not ********* first time by spanking, but definitely I had hard pole during spanking since I was very young, and first time ejacu-late during OTK spanking when I was 11, of-course it wasn't much and was only watery and little sticking (not white like adult *****) after I was 12 or 13 I even started to like spankings.

You can ask me anything about my spankings in comments, I'll try to answer.

Really enjoyed your candid and detailed recollections.

I guess we're all lucky in our own ways. You didn't get your first spanking until age 47 but it was from a guy half your age. I've been spanked all my life, but never by a guy very much younger than myself - I would love to experience that.

Much of this sounds familiar. You were very fortunate to see so many paddlings, especially bare bottomed.