It Came Out Of Nowhere...

... about four years ago... out of nowhere... I was suddenly reacting to milk and gluten... I was tested and came back clear, at the same time I was so worn out after the gym it took me the best part of a week to recover... and I started getting ill with the flu every few days...

I suspected food intolerances, the doctors disagreed and told me I was depressed, they put me on anti-depressants but they just made me worse. Over time I developed more and more food sensitivies and became more lethargic and ill to the point I had to give up work.

Eventually I saw a specialist who told me without any doubt I have ME/CFS, and there is no cure. I am not someone who accepts things so I embarked on my own research. I omitted one allergy food at a time but it made no difference and so I continued to eat normally.

Eventually I was so ill and couldnt get past the idea that food was to blame so I cut back on everything, eating only the bare minimum, keeping a food and symptom diary, and gradually reintroducing foods to see what I could and could not handle. I soon found out I was allergic to gluten, cows milk protein, yeast, wheat and sugar. This wasnt just limited to artificial sugar, even the "good stuff" like apples and carrots caused severe reactions.

As soon as I stuck to a rigid diet of eggs, rice cakes, gluten free pasta, tiny bit of mix veg, mushrooms, goats milk cheese, fresh fish, meat and poultry and eggs, I was back on my feet. I'd gone from being bedbound to running 5k at the gym with no after-effects in days. I truely believe that my condition has origionated through digestive problems (I lost 100lbs in weight prior to getting ill) but the medical world knows very little about digestion and about ME so all I can do is avoid those foods.

That was in May last year and to date I have always been completely well unless I am not sticking to my diet. I am ill at the moment. I was eating poorly over xmas and new year and have found it difficult to get back on track so I have suffered but I know when good I can have my life as normal and so today is my first day back on track this year.

I have advised other people with the condition to follow my advise and everyone who did it seriously saw similar results. You may not be convinced diet will cure you and you would be right, the condition isnt going to disappear, but by understanding what your body is reacting to you can manage the symptoms.

Its also important to avoid supplements that you digest due to the stuff they coat them in for a full bill of health. I used to rely on various supplements but cannot take them any more.

I hope my experience helps you.
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This is brilliant! I have been slowly recovering from CFS...I've wrote my story on the "I have chronic fatigue syndrome" page. But this storey had made me think about my diet. I eat pretty badly and believe this is the reason for most of my problem x