Diet Effects...

Here are the symptoms and time-frame for certain foods I eat that affect my condition:

Yeast, wheat, gluten - extreme cardiovascular fatigue and intellectual confusion that lasts two days (or takes two full nights sleep to get over). I literally cannot think straight with gluten in my system, I tend to become paranoid and get upset over things that are not upsetting in normal circumstances.

Sugar (artificial and natural sugars found in fruit and veg) - extreme muscle fatigue, headaches, joint problems (one day)

Dairy (cows milk products) - severe constipation and painful and bloated gut, offensive smelling gas, sinus problems, flu-like symptoms, some fatigue. (one day)

Soya (Soy) products - severe fatigue, depression, confusion (one day)

I find that none of these foods on their own as a one off cause post-exertion fatigue, however, it seems to be having a build up of these food types in the body as a cumulative effect on the mitochondria, on altering moods in a negative way and on the body's ability to deal with stress (including exercise).
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36-40, F
Jan 13, 2013