It'S All In Your Head???!!!!

I was diagnosed with my with I was 13 (now 21) after being bed bound for over 6 months the doctors finally told me I had M.E.
I tried to live with my problem secretly but after missing most of my last 2 years at school and college, people began to notice! I lost many friends as I just couldn't keep up with them I lost my teenage years to M.E!

For years now people have over and over again told me I wasn't ill it was all in my head and I should get up and get on with it! But now I need help I have recently had a bad relapse and lost my job and my life again it's looking so bad that my fiancé and I have had to look into me going back to my mums as we can not afforded to live in our flat anymore! As you know the stress is a huge part of making things worse! I can't leave him he is the only person who gets me he only has to look at me to know if its a good or bad day!

Really I just want to find people in the same boat as me so I can talk to people who truly understand what is going on!

Nina x
Nina91 Nina91
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1 Response Feb 23, 2013

It is not in your head, I used to tell myself the same but CFS is a physical illness. I feel for you as you have had this illness for so long. I feel like I'm slowly recovering however I am very worried about relapsing again. Have you tried PAC techniques? X