Forced To Wear Thongs To School Part 2

so read part one first well anyways my sister had just gotten back she undid the massive atomic thong wedgie and a tried to run i made it to the hall with the thong still on and when i burst through the door a couple of girls in my grade were standing there and as i passed them they gat a hold of the thong and pulled back really hard stopping me in my tracks they said were are you going ***** and dragged me back into the room then they explian that they donated underwear money if they could wedgie me so first they took me in to the back yard they said lets make this simple if you do what we say we will reward you if not well you get what happens then so first they said go put on te thongs and bra I said hell no so they punished me with a hanging thong melvin it hurt so much i decided to do what htey said go get on ten thongs and a bras they said ok was my reply so I went and got on the thongs they said good boy now for a reward the hottest girl took of her miniskirt and put it on me she ws wearing an aqua blue microthong. I made the mistake of staring and i was hung int the tree by all ten thongs and they put tennis ball in the bra and hung me by that to. it hurt o muh the i alled them al lfuckin ******* and then they left me there over night to be continued
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It doesn't really make sense when you went to go get the things you could've locked yourself in the bathroom or run to a friend's house something! If my sister tried that I would've just ran when she told you to get the thongs and bras.

It's a kids fantasy so it's VERY confusing. I feel like it detracts a lot from these stories when it's so unbelievable. Don't know if you've ever seen a thong wedgie but it's pretty easy (and admittedly painful) to break one just by pulling it. It's physically impossible to hang someone by a try with one, they're not that strong.

I don't know why, but this story confuses me. Do you like wearing thongs?