Best Friend Forever..

I think I'm in love with him....

I thought I met him in fifth grade, since that's at most as I can remember. 5th grade, we were in the same class. He seemed like a friendly dude, hell, more like the friendliest and nicest PERSON in the entire class. So, I got to talk to him a bit more.. "Hi. Could you help me with this problem?" Later turned out to be "Sit with me in lunch?" to "Whats your number? I'll call you." It got to the point where I called him my friend. During the entire 5th grade year, we'd always talk, he'd help me with work, since he was the smartest too. Sixth grade, he wasn't in my class, but he was next door. Also, luckily, since we switched for SSR, I got to have class with him in the mornings. We got closer, and closer as the year passed on. Than halfway through the year, he confessed to me. He confessed he liked me, but I shut him down.. Hard too. I only saw him as a friend at the time. Other people noticed we got closer and closer, and started saying things, like he was my boyfriend. No, I wasn't mad over that. He wasn't either. It was fine, since WE knew the truth about our relationship. He'd always be my best friend.
Seventh grade came, and we added another person to our little group. 2 became 3, and it was cool. Though I was the only girl in the group, they treated me like I was one of them. We felt linked, in our ways. We had the same first letter in our first and last name. Our science teacher noticed how we'd always sit together, talk to eachother, and called us the "L Crew" for our last names. Seventh grade, something went totally wrong.(You'll see in another story..) but they still loved me. For me.. I'd always helped them, they'd always help me. At the end of 7th grade, our best friend left. He moved to a different district, so it became us two again. People still kept commenting on our relationship, so one day we decided to fake being together for their sake. Halfway through, it started to become real to me, and to him too.. 8th grade, we had a banquet, and of-course he was my date. When I came home that day, i over thought... I didn't want to lose him as a friend if something went completely wrong in our relationship.. So i broke up with him the next day, and told him.. It hurt for just a few seconds, but we went back to being best friends. We graduated middle school together.
9th grade year, luckily, we applied for the same school. We saw each other often. spent time together, like nothing changed. At the end of 9th grade, we went back to our middle school which came with Nostalgia. That day, we found out.. we weren't friends in 5th grade.. but SECOND grade. We had the same teacher, we didn't know. and she told us this. We were both shocked. He'd always be my best friend, I guess. Then, there was someone else.. At first, I kinda felt she was replacing me.. I finally talked to him about it, and he told me we'd always be best friends, and no one couldn't ever replace me. That I was still in his life, even when all his other best friends disappeared out of nowhere, he said it made me special to me. I believed him, obviously. But this girl turned out to be his girlfriend.
We're in 10th grade now, and he still has his girlfriend, but we're also still best friends. I regret breaking up with him, I sometimes feel and think I'm in love with him, and I think..What if.. But nothing has ever changed between us.. We've been through a lot together, and we'd always have been good support for each other, and no matter what any one says, he'd always, ALWAYS, be my best friend and twin for 9 years now and to be continued.
jessjustacornball jessjustacornball
13-15, F
Dec 12, 2012