Another Msk Sufferer

Hi all, I was diagnosed with MSK when I was 6 months old when I was being treated for having one side of my body bigger than the other. I have suffered ever since. Im 44 now but when I was younger it was mainly infection after infection, then came the stones when I was about 18ish? I have lost count how many infection or stones I have had or how many times I have been in hospital. I'm well known on the urology ward lol

My consultant put me on rolling antibiotics years ago but to be honest I was never very good at taking them as im not the best tablet taker. I would suffer with 4 or 5 infections a year, if not more. 12 months ago I had the worst time due to getting sepsis and had a 12 day stay in hospital...

This was a big shock to me and my husband was so upset... Since then I have never missed one of my daily antibiotics! I'm happy to say it is nearly a year since I have had an infection. :)

I do still get the stones and the usual pain that comes with it... So I'm not cured and never will be.

I'm in the UK


Kidneybean1 Kidneybean1
41-45, F
May 11, 2012