Can Some One Please Answer My Question?

I found out i had MSK when i was in my early twenties because of constant kidney stones. As i have gotten older i get them a lot more frequent . When i first started going to the specialist he informed me that by time i hit 30 i would have complete kidney failure. I am 33 now and get them every other month to huge to pass they average a size 11. I have had atleast 30 surgeries in the past couple of years.I have it in both kidneys I average a stone non passable every other month mainly in my left kidney. I get them in the right just not as often. My doctor will not remove my left kidney because of having it in the right kidney. I have begged him. I have so much damage to my left kidney but he is more worried about putting way to much on my right kidney. This is absolutely horrible. I can't keep a job because of being hospitalized. So being a single mom of two is extremely hard. I was informed that you can not get disability unless on dialysis. Can anyone tell me if this is true? If it isn't can you please tell me what or if any help I can get. Thank you
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Not true. There is a women who lives in my area who has MSK and is on disability. Trust me, if you can't keep a job, they will give it to you. Good luck sweetheart. MSK sucks.