Msk And Becoming A Mom

I was diagnosed with MSK 5 years ago and was told there was nothing I could do but just deal with it. I have chronic kidney/bladder infections and always have dull pain on both sides of my back. I haven't passed any huge stones but none the less those crystals still pack a punch when they decide to come out. I am 26 years old and feel like I haven't gotten the most out of my 20s like I should have due to MSk and all the things that come with it. Now my husband and I are talking about starting a family and as excited as I am.... I am a little scared. What should I expect? Will the pain get worse during or after birth? Will it cause more complications with me or the baby? How is labor going to feel due to all the pressure that is going to be put on my back? Just so many things that could go wrong with a normal/healthy pregnancy what should I expect? Any mothers experienced or new please share your stories with me! I'd really like to hear them.
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Hi Emisabelle. Are you still questioning this or are there progress after? I am 21 year old girl in a stable relationship, now questioning the same. Difference is just that my condition has worsened with a ureter that closed up, had to insert a stent for 3 months which they removed now and now my kidney swell up. So they will probably try a baloon dilation and then replace my ureter by operation. This is a high risk operation for someone who is still young and planning a family (like me). You then have a reflux ureter causing loads of problems. To me - with the condition just seeming to worsen with time - I think its becoming a question of IF I will still be able to become pregnant in a year or two as I originaly planned. OR do I try now, when I am ill, but still at my best Ill be. It seems stupid thinking of it at age 21 but to me itll be even more stupid when a year has passed and I hadnt think about it or done something while I still could. Will like to come in contact with you as most of our symptoms are the same and I question the same thing you did then...? 8) Kind regards.

I was diagnosed with MSK and double ureters when I was 24. I became pregnant on birth control 2 years later and then 2 years after that, also using birth control. My first pregnancy went well, the second I passed multiple stones and could not take pain medicine and with each stone I thought initially it was a miscarrage. After the two pregnancies I was advised to take perm. action against having more children due to the stress on the kidneys. That was in the early '80's, and now research and medical care much improved. Follow your doctors advice on this, and always drink tons of water! (I drink 3 - 4 Liters a day). I am now 57 years old and have passed over 70 stones, only a couple lodged. It was a challange some days to care for my children, as when passing I am usually in too much pain and too much fatigue to do much, so a good husband and other family helping is a must! I am so blessed to have my daughters and like any other chronic diseases you just need good medical care!

I wasn't diagnosed with MSK until after my first daughter was born. In hindsight, I realize now that the back pain I suffer from during my pregnancies is due more to the MSK than anything else, but it's tolerable. It hasn't caused any complications (I now have another baby girl) and I've been able to avoid stones or infections. Just make sure you drink LOTS of water. It's really nothing scary, and doesn't cause any issues for baby...Be sure to tell your doctor about it though. Mine weren't concerned at all throughout my second pregnancy. It's not as scary as it seems :)

I had a set of twins and I have MSK. It was fine the pain wasn't bad at all. I had a UTI and all was good after that. Just keep you head up and think about baby and less on what can happen. (PMI) Positive Metal Attitude. Not saying that some of these people don't suffer or it is in their mind. I am saying keep good thoughts and the baby is the focus.