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I was diagonsed with msk 8yrs ago. When i went to my first kidney specialest apt the dr said my stones were any where inbetwen 2mm to 1.4cm and that i prob have had msk since i was a young child. Which was funny cuz i was in and out of dr apt and er visits for flank and back pain since i was 7yrs. And the dr small town dr didn't once think to do a ct. Untill i was 20yrs old. The specialest did 3procedures in one yr. And they didn't help at all. All the dr could say is that he was completly amazed at how bad my kidnets were for such a young person. And that since the lazer treatments didn't wrk they'd have to wait till they were a lil fuller and or less kindney function and then they would do a transplant. And a couple yrs later that dr went to a different hosp. That would't take my insur. Its been a few yrs that i havnt seen a specialest so now im on the hunt for a new speci. And prayin that the med. World has come up with something new that hopefuly will help me. Cus i hav over 50 stones at verious sizes. And im soooo tired of being in pain all the time. Im tired of not being able to take my very active 3 beautiful childern to go do the things we love like hikking and camping. Walkin on the beach at sunset. Theyr 6 to11 they r very loving understanding compationet kids. But it just doesnt feel fare. For them or me. On a possitve note thou im goin to donate both my kidneys to a msk study hospi. Cuz if dr and scients only figure out one thing from my kidneys and theyr able to use that one thing to help the next generation of msk sufferers then it would make me feel like there s a reason for me havig msk being in pain all the time and missing out on half of the fun family days. Cuz i need there to be a reason for all this. Thats my msk story. Well for now. But to be continued.....
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I had pains since I was a child and up to around 20. Since then I began drinking Chinese green tea, jasmine flower tea bags everyday, 1.5 to 2 lit. I have not had pains for over 30 years. perhaps you can consider drinking green tea. There is research says green tea can make calcium crystals smaller and round, go to the website to study for details. Not sure it can help you, but worth a further study, right?