Hiding From This Disease Has Become Impossible

I am a 36 year old mother of 6. I was diagnosed with MSK 5 years ago. I have a very hard time getting my family to understand how hard it is to live with the almost constant pain and frustration. I am no able to hold down a normal full time job because I never know when I will be passing a stone or dealing with all of the other complications that go along with it. I was so happy to have found  this group. I have really felt very alone and scared for a while now. It will be good to talk to other people that understand what I am going through.

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I was working at a hospital for over 23 years. I sympathize and totally agree with psontgirl! I have been living with this close to 4 years now. I was let go from my job because they felt that I could not perform my duties totally. I do get some understanding from my doctor, although he doesn't seem to understand the full implications of how I feel on a day-to day basis. I have pain EVERY day, some good days and many bad.....when I say good days that doesn't mean that I don't have pain! I have had 5 lithotripsies but continue to produce stones due to having 2 medullary kidneys.<br />
Emergency rooms were visited numerous times, but all they can do is "numb" the pain with morphine drips. I am so happy and relieved that I found this site because now I know I am not alone! <br />
I am unable to lift, do housework, etc. etc. I am very tired all the time...how can you not be when you are dealing with pain all the time?<br />
I wish everyone luck and hope you have a great support system like I do! All I can say is hang in there, it's not easy to live with!

if you can live with this without pain meds I WANT TO KNOW...please!

wow i feel the same way so hard to explain to others that my choices are deal with the pain or live on pain pills im just starting my research after a year of dealing with this hope i find some natural things to help i feel at this point the more i know the better i can avoid the pain and pills maybe we can share info??? ok thanks