Melas Diagnosis Tops Off A Sad Life.

I lost my first wife, back in the seventies, from a double epeleptic seizures. My second, well no one wanted her. My third wife I lost to Huntingtons Disease in the late nineties. By this time I had what the doctors had diagnosed as 'stroke' and Heart Disease. Fortunately my next door neighbour had lost her Mum around the same time. I needed a carer and she needed someone to care for. We became the best of friends and shared many happy times. She loved her cat and dog and was everyones friend. Those who met her loved her. Last Christmas we shared with friends and neighbours and enjoyed her birthday party with her brothers family, two days after Christmas. Two days later she was diagnosed with Cancer. She passed away last month. Now to top it off I find out I have MELAS and there is no cure.

All my life I wondered why I could work flat out for a day or two then couldn't move for several days. Doctors said it was all in my mind so I had to learn to get through life the way it was dealt out to me. It was by chance I had dizzy spells, over three years ago, the Specialist ordered a MRI. Unfortunately the Doctor I was seeing retired before the results came through to him. So I didn't find out till last week when my new Doc was filling out a form for me he quoted from that report. Now I know I wasn't mad or a hypochondriac.

My mother said she had nothing to leave me. She was wrong! She left me MELAS Syndrome!

But I still think I am the luckiest guy alive. I have shared my life with three wonderful women, each so different in personalities, now I can now spend the rest of my life in a nursing home and die with the same dignity my late wives did.

Life ain't bad it is what we make it. Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Cry and no one wants anything to do with you!

Enjoy every minute as you never know what is coming next. Smile!
armchairpete armchairpete
May 15, 2012