Mother Of A Child With Melas

My son was diagnosed at a very young age with MELAS. He had a feeding tube for 13 years. He struggled for years...went through a stage where things seemed better. He is now 17 and has began showing some signs of regression along with some major anger issues. Has anyone else experienced anger issues and uncontrollable thoughts?
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

My son was diagnosed with melas last November. It was his gift for his 20th birthday.

He was put on a medication called levetiracetam and initially it helped him.

He was on a very high dose and he became so angry at every minor thing. It made
living with him most difficult.

Now his dosage has been decreased and things are more normal. Although after his initial attack he seemed more childlike (at times) and is sad and teary a lot.

my daughter,7 has anger issues. normally she is really sweet, we have found that when she gets behind on her fluids the anger issues present themselves. she gets 250ml an hour with either powerade or formula via g-tube

my son , 17 with MELAS has anger issues but is also aspergers.