I Have Melas

just looking for some answers from other people. i have had two stroke like episodes, lost 50% of my left side, and some thought and decision making.
bclogger75 bclogger75
36-40, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Interesting,, would like to learn more. By your coat I know you are fit & healthy. The good news is you can recover most of loss from episodes. Research neuroplacity, The Mind & The Brain and the latest research. From experience I give you hope. I have come back to sailing, traveling, zip lining, kayaking living a full life from not being able to walk or talk! I am a fifty something who lives a full life between events.

What a wonderful story. My husband, a now retired attorney, has just had his second "MELAS "stroke three or more weeks ago ( hard to pinpoint the exact time). What have you done to recover so completely?