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Haunting Memories.

Hello I am a new member to this group and whether you chose to believe me or not I was a victim of an unreported haunting When I was 11 years old. I'm currently 16. So before u read this remember Demons and spirits are real, and I found out the hard way.

I was 11 When I moved into that house ( I won't disclose location for obvious reasons) with my mom dad and my 6 year old sister. It was an old style house probably Made in the 50s, and as soon as we walked in deep chills ran through my entire body But I was ignorant back then and I payed it no mind. Anyways the real **** didn't start happening until 3 months after we settled in, that's when I started hearing... The voices. My memory isn't that great but I'll tell u what I heard. Abandon your god... He Does not love you.... Give yourself to us child. After the incident I told my parents about it but no one would listen Eventually my family started to ignore me. But sure enough 2 weeks later the spirits got aggressive leaving multiple scars on all of our bodies. The day after is were we found the attic. I'll never forget it blood splattered everywhere snapped like pentegrams. It turned out were living in a house previously owned by multiple satanists. But the worst of it was the day we left right when we finished packing these demonic spirits possesed
Me and my sister and made us attack our own parents. They were in bad shape when we came to we had to call a cab just to get to the hospital no one else believes me about the incident but i assure u this is no lie... We live normally now but I wonder how long that will last.
Well that's my experience And whatever u do do not lose faith in the lord and his son Jesus.
Sensedaddy Sensedaddy 22-25, M 12 Responses Aug 23, 2011

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it all sounda a bit scary.because i have met angels in my life never a demon and i dnt even wish to.

Your interest don't concern me especially since they deserved to suffer but that does not mean that other places without super natural disasters will be affected. Eventually the California area will be hit by a second arch storm

Well at first it was god awful I was completely concious the only difference was I had no control over my body. But that was before I controlled the 7 demons inside me now I am no longer considered human. I am a Demi demon my job as appointed by god and Satan is to remove those who threatens the worlds balance as a matter of fact every natural disaster or unexplained death is caused by me.

Woah! and here i thought your story/ experience was scary!
Isn't it weird having 7 demons inside you? do you feel different? Natural Disasters? Waiit...........
so you mean that the tsunami in japan was caused by you? :S
Sorry for the questions... im just really interested! :D

That is one chilling story, dude!! ... Do you remember what is was like being possessed?? Could you see anything??

Nope what?

Every once in a while when my concentration breaks. Its not so bad either sometimes I take advantage of them using their knowledge even powers. That's why I'm so smart and I always say don't **** with me cuz if I dont like you and I find you you get cursed. Did u ever hear about the football pla<x>yer in chino hills who got tackled so hard he had to be helicoptered out of the field. That was me. :)



You know I think I might be going crazy but there might actually be a mutual relationship between me and them.

That's so scary I could never sleep with some thing like that

To tell u the truth they never left I can still hear them. I contacted the church about the problem but I am unable to get rid of them.

Oh my gosh that sounds so scary I couldn't imagine hearing voices in my head