I Stole And Got Caught

When I was younger I had a little streak where I had the urge to steal things. At the end of grade 3 I would often go onto the teachers desk when no one was looking and steal a "special chocolate" from the jar and hide it in my pencil case, that year I also stole a number of things from the prize bin when no one was in the room. One night in particular I had stalled for over half an hour at my cubby hole until the teacher left, went into the room when the cleaner was in there and told her the teacher told me to take something from the bin, the lady told me to wait until tomorrow with my teacher but I took it anyway.

The big one was at the end of the year. My best friend had a big Scooby-Doo doll that I wanted. I asked to go to the washroom and snuck the doll into my backpack on my way. At lunch time the girl realized it was gone and the teacher said that after our lunch break she was doing a backpack search. I brought my backpack in for inspection and tried to shuffle around it with the doll at the bottom, hoping she wouldn't notice. The teacher pulled the dog out and then searched my backpack inside out. She opened up my pencil case and found the chocolates she knew she didn't give me, she found $2 my mom gave me for the next pizza lunch and accused me of stealing it from another kid who lost it, she had even opened my lunch and told me that I was so guilty I barely ate anything.

The class had to leave the room, all except me and my friend. The teacher made me apologize and when I was asked why I did it I told her that I didn't know why. I was sent up to the principals office where I continued to cry. I admitted to stealing everything and started freaking out when she said she had to call my mother at work to come get me. After a couple of minutes waiting outside I told them to call my dad because he should be home by now. They tried but he didn't answer but later got a hold of my mother who told my dad to pick me up.

He was kind about it when I got home, he told me to just no do it anymore. I ran into my room a cried, there I found the scooter my mom had left in my room as a surprise and I cried even harder because I knew she'd take it away. When she got home there was a lot of yelling at me, I got a good couple of hits and was kept in my room without supper that night. The next day at school I was humiliated and lied to my other friends telling them someone must of put it in my backpack.

Grade 4 was better, I never stole anything. But then in mid grade 5 I started again. We had a big author come to school and read us some books. We had a big draw to give out some books and stuff but I didn't win anything. I wanted to bring something home so I went to the book wrack and stole 2 of the books that I liked and brought them home. I gave my mom a big story since she knew the author was coming and said I won them. A couple weeks later my friend came over and my mom had brought up the books and my friend was of course shocked, she had told my mom she thought the teacher only let us borrow them from the class and that she wanted to borrow one to show her mom. My mom of course covered for me and said she must of misunderstood what I told her. That night I got it again, my mother marched me into the class and told me to just put the books back on the shelf and never touch them again.

These two big incidents haunt me. At night if I start to think my thoughts always go back to those memories and I end up staying up most of the night regretting them. I always think "If I had just taken it back out later" or "If I had only not told my mom I even had the books", that I would have gotten away with it.
Jupiterfalling Jupiterfalling
18-21, F
May 16, 2012