I Will Never Forget...

This is something I wrote a few years ago after being involved in an accident which claimed my friends life;

Laughter and high spirits echoed through the Bus. The Bus drives around a left bend.

A Left Bend.
And everyone on that Bus’ life changes; then and there.

Silence. Chaos. Blood. Tears. Wreckage. People Everywhere. Someone Missing. Screaming. Flashing Lights. Broken Glass. Police Radios. Ambulance. A Teddy Bear. Shaking. Crying. Someone Missing. Chaos.

It’s ******* Chaos. Lights flash but I hear no sirens; only silence.

Time passes slowly, painstakingly slow but without my realising, it is dark.

It is Dark as my worst fear is confirmed.
Her hand, the one who once held my own, falls limp off the stretcher as she is wheeled into an Ambulance. It’s doors open towards me. Images burnt into a mind. Images that will not fade.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Very well written. Sorry about the loss of your friend from years ago.

I feel like you truly captured the confusion and chaos of the moment. Do you write poetry? It was a very poetic piece.