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today the internet went and you can always tell in our house when that happens because we actually go down stairs and talk and banter to each other i was taking the mick out of my brother and he was doing the same to me so he got a frebreze empty bottle and put some water in it started to squirt me around the house acting like a bad man as always lol my mom started bantering with daz her fiance and he did the same to her we was just basically bantering with each other throwing pillows at each other around the front room and getting soaked its was a right laugh lol
dreamgirl444 dreamgirl444 22-25, F 1 Response Aug 8, 2012

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You're way too addicted to the internet. Try pursuing other interests. Not only will your behavior become less silly but you'll have better memories as well. I used to be this addicted to the internet.

i do i play softball and hang out with mates