Split Generation

There were a lot of hateful baby boomers. Running around in the name of peace. With their longhair make love bullshit. Trying to prove
How tough they were with their war protest. Yet when they received their greetings letter
From Uncle Sam. They sure were fast at running. Taking their yellow streak back's to college or Canada. Then had the nerve to spit on returning Nam veterans. Some even so brave and tough to disrupt a a fallen soldiers funeral. You were so brave weren't you chicken foot. The baby killer remarks I heard when I returned home wounded. I am sad that I had 2 cousins and a brother all KIA IN VIETNAM! TO die for these sorry *** so called Americans. But I glad they didn't have to face the hate and disrespect from the the country and people that they fought and died for. The same country they were proud to serve for. And the poor choices the people made that they died for.

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Dec 4, 2012