Good Wins Out

Tis the jolly old Christmas Season. With it's magic way of fond memories. It's power to make all is well.

With loss of my brother and two cousins killed in Vietnam. I loved so dear. And memories of my own from serving in Vietnam. All the Grandparents gone. And my dad killed in a car wreck gone 26 Christmases
Now. But it's not a time for sadness and tears. For all that's left is my Mom and 3 cousins with all their parents and grandparents gone to. But everyone is alive and well for the dead comes to visit on Christmas day. When all the memories of 4 cousins with their only Auntie my loving mom come alive. Soon laughing at some of the things we did. And the goodtimes of Christmas past. And the family cookouts we had. The great memories coming one after another. Bringing the ones that pass on alive and well. Sharing another Christmas right along with us. Who in hell would have time For tears. When there is no room for sadness in our hearts.
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Dec 15, 2012