Middle School (5th/6thgrade)

Was the best! Okay it was pretty good, I also had fun in elementry school as well but that's another story...

5th & 6th grade were awesome for me mainly because people weren't mean and judgemental asshats like in highschool. I was one of the tallest of my class in both grades and it was pretty nice. Don't get me wong I was geeky and had good grades and this was the time I was starting to get way into video games via n64.

Why was middle school great? Well for one I was pretty athletic back then going outside nearly everyday after school with friends from the neighborhood playing tag/hide&seek/football(tackle) & what not. Which made physed or gym class really fun because I was able to showoff a bit while playing kickball/wiffleball and such. I was always able to do pretty good. Oh and RECESS! Greatest times ever! 2hand touch football!

Now for another reason why it was great beingin middle school. This girl I knew use to always say hi to me and idunno dumb young love I guess, but my face use to turn so red everytime she talked to me. She was really beautiful too, like I'd almost say model material cept being short, really nice eyelashes and dark hair and a beautiful face! The kinda gal you'd see in beauty pageants possibly! Anyways in an english class she use to always be my partner for when the teacher had us hand our homework to someone to have a fellow student grade it. I won't lie I use to fix her answers so she wouldn't get bad grades. I enjoyed my time though in middlleschool all and all mostly because of her and ppl being friendly.

The only thing I hated was homework. LIKE FOR REALS! MIDDLE SCHOOL HOMEWORK WAS WAY TOUGHER & I HAD WAY MORE OF IT THAN HIGHSCHOOL. Which is totally ****** up right? At least I thought so. It's like they pitched highschool as being super hard but in reality middle school homework/schoolwork was a ridiculous overload for nothing! Highschool was rough for me because I was bullied and like a social club and I was quiet/shy, but again, that's another story.

Anyways that's that. For the gal I mentioned, because I'm sure some people are wondering. She was never in any of my highschool classes in highschool I rarely, if ever saw her since I chose the harder prep classes(waste of time imo.) She now I believe is with a guy and has a kid, last I looked through facebook...
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Jan 19, 2013