Four in the morning, as I am wide awake, flooded with memories of Kai walking into the costume room. "How do I look?" He asks in a soft voice. "You look stunning, but you're missing a button off your uniform." I look through my huge box of buttons, quickly looking for an olive green button that will at least somewhat match the others in his USO costume. I find one that is slightly off, but will do. He takes off his shirt and hands it to me, as I thread a needle and sit down next to the sewing machine. I quickly fix his shirt and drape it over his shoulders and button up his shirt. "You are a life saver, he says. "No," I replied, "you saved my life." He looks at me and pulls me close to hold me. How good it felt to be in his arms... The music for his song and dance number begins as he runs up the stairs and onto the stage, leaving me with a kiss on my forehead and tears in my eyes...
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That is so sweet of him. It's even more sweet of you to share it with us. Aloha

Wow! You make me wanna (do something that men aren't supposed to do. Because its a sign of weakness). That's beautifully and woefully written.

No, I don't see that as a weakness. To me, that is a wonderful strength that most men are afraid to show...and I thank you!!