Shaun was a nine year old boy, blind from birth. I was fortunate enough to meet with him while he was waiting for his taxi to take him home from school. He knew me by my voice. I had earlier heard from colleagues that Shaun the previous day had gained sight and seen for the very first time in his life. I was told his vision would be temporary and it would be gone within two weeks, but that when he was mature he would be able to get a one time operation that would give him sight, for how long I am not sure.
Even though it was many years ago I can still hear his voice as he answered my questions. He told me how he was working at his Braille machine and lifted his head and saw trees outside the room. I asked him what it was like to see. He said, "It's like this, I would ask what is that on the floor and the teacher would say pick it up and feel it, and I would say it's some screwed up paper." Next he said, "I asked my mother what is that on the shelf and she said pick it up and feel it, and I said oh it's a coffee mug." Sometime I wonder where he is today, most likely married with a family.
Yesterday I asked the question on EP, "Can blind people see their dreams?". I am thankful that I asked this question because it reawakened my memory of Shaun.
Rusham Rusham
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Sob.....Oh WOW, I'm so touched. It is so beautiful. Thank you for that story. :) I will try to see better.

Or......feel better.....