I hate talking about this but it's about my moms boyfriend -_-
Anyways a few months ago he killed 2 of his dogs right in front of my mom and I with a sword. It was terrible I couldn't stop thinking about it and I cried every single night. The cops were involved too. He told the cops that he did kill the dogs but I don't know why they didn't arrest him. I wish they did and I hate my mom for not leaving him. I hope karma will happen to him. But because of what he did I keep a kitchen knife under my mattress.. I know that's crazy but what if he tries to kill my mom and I.
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Thats just wrong on any level!!

Why did he do it in front of you thats messed up. But cmon they're just dogs brush it off your pschy.

Oh mi bad I didn't know she was bonded to emm 😢

Thats beyond ****** up

Maybe you should have a heart to heart with your mom about everything. And the kitchen knife could really complicate things so be careful with that

That's a good idea.. But Whenever I try to talk to her, her boyfriend always tries to listen to our conversation and my mom doesn't even do anything about it.

Try suggesting a "girls day out" then bring it up. Things will be easier to discuss over Starbucks and shopping

Saw your question pop up when I came in, just had to make a comment - I think you have every right to be concerned and its a worry that your mum isn't getting the two of you away from him (is she besotted with him, or scared of what he might do if you both leave him? - how long has he been on the scene?- I assume he wasn't taking drugs or drinking when he did that (suggesting he is a sadist/pyscho which is really concerning), but its no better if drugs or alcohol was to blame and that "normally" he is ok, because clearly he can do something else equally reckless the next time he has too much? - keep that kitchen knife under your pillow, perhaps mention this to your father or grandparents?

You really need to get away from him as fast as you can, and your mother should already be doing that

He was drinking that night... After what he did, he threw away all of his alcohol and threw his sword away. And I told my grandparents about it but they can't really do anything because they live in Asia. And my dad also knows about it and he was the one who called the cops on him.

no your not crazy(your mom --not sure of) why would she STILL have that crazy "bast--d" around?? If someone can do that to a animal;then (in their sick minds)why not a human!!

wer d cops on crack. shld haf tazzd him n set d k9 dogs on him. shld slapd him with restraining order.

your worries are reasonable. if he has that much anger aginst innocent dogs. he might just have some major issuse to work out.

All of this just makes me sad. That guy might have a mental disorder if he can be so cruel and kill 2 innocent animals. Sure one dog bit your foot, but it's a dog.. I mean every pet makes mistakes.

My mom had a bf who was/is crazy like that so if you need to talk with someone who knows how it is I'm available

Okay thank you!

Try reporting him for animal abuse. How can he even love and have true compassion if he ruthlessly kills pets? Yes he should have been arrested. Again, file a report on him. If you keep faith in God then try not to fear about him killing you and your mother but keep the knife for safety.

Animal shouldn't be killed. Whatever he has done is obviously crime. Never ever trust him

what was his reasoning? did they hurt someone?

So my moms bf was just talking to me and the dog starts to bite my foot really hard and it wouldn't stop biting. And I couldn't walk for week ..because the bite was really bad. Anyways that's why he killed the dog. But I really have no idea why he killed the other dog, the other dog didn't do anything at all he just grabbed the dog and killed her

he may have been preventing the other one from following the other dogs example, cause it's a monkey see monkey do world these days... meaning he didn't want the othere dog being a copy cat

wow, you didn't see that joke, a dog being a copy cat, lol

I am not sure why they were killed, but any human who will put a dog to death without cause is not worthy of trust in my opinion.

He killed them because one of the dogs bit my foot but that was no reason to kill the poor dog and have no clue why he killed the other dog though. But I totally agree with you, I don't trust him after what he did.

a dog that hurts someone has to be destroyed no matter what it's due to the way the dog thnks it's okay to hurt people and I know a dog that should've been put down a long time ago and it had to die because it killed a small kid and not saying any more cause that dog was the best dog I ever had

ok, so old wives tale says that once a dog gets a taste for blood, the only way to end it is put them down. Biting you in play or self defense is not the same as just viciously going to town attacking you though. if he wasnt sur which dog did it, i can kind of understand, although I don't agree with the end result and still have trust issues. People who have no hesitation about putting an animal down without due cause would likely do the same to a human.

sometimes th it's the greater wrong against the good that can save lives
I have a family that is like that

He killed a dog that may have been showing affection by playing and he killed another one without cause

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So . . noone gets arrested for animal cruelty in where you live?

He should've got arrested. But I think he lied to the cops about it because I wasn't there when they talked to him.

-_- he seems nuts . . . As long as he's not harming you or your mother. Do you have siblings?

I have 2 older step brothers that live with my dad. And a little brother that lives with my mom and my moms crazy boyfriend.