I want to forget, but can't. I'm haunted by them and the ripple effect it had on my life. I've experienced the darkest side of people, people I thought I could trust, people I thought I knew. And now the terrible memories of how they betrayed me repeatedly echo in my mind.
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26-30, F
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Very sorry to hear that

Forgive them, forget and move on! Is never about them but for your own happiness & peaceful mind; when you forgive doesn't mean you excuse their behavior but it prevents their behavior from destroying your heart. Life goes on; while you dwell on the past, you don't enjoy your present & can't see a positive outcome for the future! That's not living. What happened in the past taught you a lesson. We all learn from every single experience and from everyone we encounter; the World is the teacher and we are the students, we just gotta open our eyes and pay full attention. Now you know better and won't be fooled again. There are great people out there we just have to learn to choose who we get close to us. I will pray for you! God Bless You 🙏❤️

Don't let those stop you. You can still make your own beautiful moments.

That's deep