Especially the ones that you WANT to forget.

And you're just like 'why was I so stupid!!' 'Why did I do this?!' 'What was wrong with me?!' 'Why did I say that?!
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I know what you mean. It's always when you try really hard to forget them that they stay with you forever. Then some of the happier times like elementary school for me are a blur. There's always what-ifs too.

I know excactly what you mean, I always wish I would have done things diffrently, and some memory really haunts me. Like I get sick to my stummic thinking about it.

Lol that's definitely me all the time! There are still times to this day I say stupid things and I think to myself "ugh why did I say that??".

Ikr! And you're just like 'what the hell was wrong with me!?'