Last night I received an email from my ex.. I can't stop myself reading it over n over again.. it was beautiful.. she brought me to all the beautiful corners of our love.. they all feel like yesterday.. i wander to the moment where i rest my head on her lap, how she would kiss my forehead n runs her fingers through my hair, i remember the 1st spontaneous kiss she gave.. i never thought she could be that bold, i was blown way, frozen like a statue, the taste of her soft untamed tongue still linger on mine, i remember the sweetness n passion it brought claiming what's hers... you know i remember everything..

every details, every word, every drop, every touch, n every breath i took when i was with her.. the only one i called my breath.. because she was always breathless when i kissed her n in order to breathe, she robbed

idk who to blame on our separation, it hurts like hell.. is it fate? or is it us?

she used to tell me how great our connection was, like people search for that kind of connection for the rest of their lives, n most people didn't even find it in their years of marriage life, so what went wrong? why cant i just hve her n mke her mine for the rest of my life? why are all the fvcking obstructions came in between?

She started with this,
"You have given me love that I never knew existed, I feel like I am about to die but still live on just to hear you even if it is you shouting or bluntly calling me names... We both hurt each other but I am grateful for the way you tamed me, you took me to places emotionally that I only saw in movies."

And ended it with this. ...
"A love like this comes once in a lifetime ..... remembering the pain brings tears to my eyes but when I sit back and think of the love and happy moments .... I just giggle and say out aloud "oh , how I love you E**** "

and i don't know whether to smile or to cry..
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If she really loves you as much as this enormous love , why she does not return to you , believe me , this email will not be true without actual deeds from her otherwise she does not even deserve to think about her for one second , iam sorry to tell you that my friend .

there's a thing called FATE.. more powerful than any of our desires.. you're very negative, looking at the horizon frequently should build positive thoughts in us,husnulzon?

Smile my friend, smile that you are loved truly and deeply. Smile then run to her and find a way to make it work. She's right, love like that comes once in a lifetime, and when it does, you do everything in your power to hold on to it. Forget your pride, go to her and find a way to make it work. You both deserve as much.