...there's actually a story that goes along with this... i was living in Texas at Lonestar Park... looking for a pony horse to replace the good one i had previously trained and lost in a move..(whole different story). and came across this little gray that pretty much sat in a stall all day.. upon asking why, the Mexicans i was working for told me that he wouldn't let any of them ride him. loving a challenge... i saddled him up and he was WONDERFULL. i bought him, called him Joe.. and started training him to be a Pony horse... He was a little small, and some of the racehorses we would pony were pretty big and mean.. he learned as he went along.. and paid his own way... but he would get frustrated... i know it probably sounds dumb, but i would quietly sing the chorus of that song over and over, on the way to the gates, and around and around the track in the mornings...he'd have his ear back listening, and it seemed to calm both of us...
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awkward about it now?