It feels so wrong, it isn't natural, it's not comfortable that we have to pretend to be strangers. That we can't be in each others lives. Distance - because of choices, circumstances.

It hurts. You should be with me. We belong together. Sharing, growing, learning, experimenting. Loving. Living life.

Now, you're only someone I used to know. Someone who knows all my secrets, all my fears, all my hopes and dreams but has been shut off from me. Separate. Individual. Single. Alone.

And yet you hold my heart. I know you completely. But now dead to me.

Just so wrong. Tragic.
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3 Responses Nov 15, 2015

you can be so passionate.... but your cold to me

Sad reading your story as I've got quite a similar one. I have been living a bit like that as well separated from someone I should have been now. I often thought that I will have hope that one day something will change, we might find each other again but now these hopes are just vain for me and I don't believe in them anymore. Now I realise that I have to go on with my life and just put these memories back as they are more hurting than doing good. I hope that one day you will also find the courage of making the steps forward and shut these memories in the closet of your past. Take care

Oh how this story burns my soul. I live this same tragedy. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes. I wish I knew how to let go and move on, but this damned stubborn heart just keeps beating to the rhythm of his. I beg for the ability to let it rest or the strength to live through it.
Always missing him. Always mourning that loss. Always in my <3
JPM I'll never get over your love

Onebellaheart: I truly hope your heart heals and you find all the happiness you deserve and more.
~our hearts are monsters; that's why our ribs are cages~

Don't worry, you'll meet someone else that will appreciate you for who you are and not leave!! 😊