This year has been a horrible one thus far. I felt awful, spiteful, skeptical and sarcastic most days, other days, I just felt disappointed and let down. Disappointed by the family who'll never accept my sexuality, disappointed at a job I give my everything to and gets little appreciation for. Disappointed at my lack of social life and failed relationships. For the most part, I felt like a derelict on uncharted waters, being tossed and thrashed about here and there. It was a really unhealthy year for me but I made it. Only when I changed my perspective on certain things and moved out of my comfort zone did I find some happiness. While I'm ending the year on a high note, I will never forget the people I met, the ones who touched my heart somehow. If I've offended anyone in the process of losing myself, I'm truly sorry. I wish to usher the new year in with nothing weighing me down. You've all made an impact on my life. Doesnt matter if it was a positive or a negative one. I'm grateful for your acquaintance.
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Very good

I value the perspective you give me in my life.