Life takes dramatic change that one can't expected. After marriage my life too took a sharp, rather opposite turn. Before that I was shy, introvert, book worm and mostly silent. My family was a bit religious, so I used to pray very often.

I found my husband very soft spoken, broad minded and liberated. He was employed in Italy, so after honeymoon period we both came to Italy. It was my first time to see western culture, so I was very upset and surprised. Here my husband came forward as my "tutor". He had earlier told me about his nu*dity but I didn't pay much attention to it, presuming that he was talking night time nu*dity. It was common, I thought. But when we came here and settled in an apartment, he desired me to stay n u d e like him. I obliged.

After sometime he expressed his desire to visit an beach. I didn't mind knowing nothing that it would be a "special" beach. He, however, pre-warned me not to get upset as there would be many nu de couples. I thought "semi nu de" as were seen in movies. So on a weekend we reached a beach.

Oh my God! there were clothed and nu de couples. My hubby told it was "optional" beach that one might put on clothes or stay na ked. I was really upset. He consoled me saying that no body here was bothered what people were doing or having on bodies. I had no courage to see them, but later I concluded that I had latent and inbuilt inclination to change. Thou I was in br.. a and pan..ties, I was considering myself na..ked. We also strolled on the beach, but I was not 100% comfortable, or perhaps being first time I was so.

We stayed there till evening. I was assessing myself and was astonished that as the time passed, I was more and more comfortable.

At home we discussed beach at detail. Surprisingly I was not annoyed rather was commenting on various women. Gradually my hubby started telling me about nu de beaches and ultimately got my consent to visit one.

After a fortnight, our destination was a less crowded beach. My tutor (husband) had successfully prepared me for the change. We went. All couples were without clo thes. He asked me politely to say good bye to small dress I was wearing, and he himself did the same. Every where I saw nu de bodies. After some hesitation, I took off small pieces of clothes. It happened to me as if I desired such a picnic. I was more comfortable, not shy to walk, giggle and waving to other couples.

Later it became normal visit for us but I often thought as if by nature I was nu dist but family atmosphere was a prohibiting force. Thanks to my husband.
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i enjoy nude beaches , i do find them relaxing