They aren't all bad. My Dad, carrying me out to the car, because my appendix ruptured. Baking and decorating Christmas trees, with my Mom and my sisters. Going hunting with my older brother, and shooting a goose at fourteen.
Life is a roller-coaster at times, but good memories, (these are only a few), stay with us forever.
ZenLioNESS719 ZenLioNESS719
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That's awesome. Always hold onto the good, and maybe that will help you get through the bad later on.

You have some wonderful memories there Zen. I'm sure when you think of the ones with your dad and brother, they are right there with you, hugging you. Love you sister.

My favorite memory is pretending to be asleep so my dad would carry me in

This is so true. The memories we can never forget don't have to be bad.