The day I came home from school, and you'd surprised us with a swing you'd made. How you explained to me that animals are a precious gift. How you were at my friend's funeral, to support me, as I sang because I promised his family I would, and how you comforted me as I wept after. I remember how you'd kill spiders for me when I was little, and how you'd check under the bed for monsters after nightmares, and stay until I was asleep.
If you were here today, you'd be 80, but I'm so glad you're not suffering anymore.
Happy birthday Dad, I miss you, always.
Love your Babygirl.
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2016

Oh, that's so sweet. I'm sure he knows that you love him and miss him. And I'm sure he's still watching over you now.

Yes I can understand that feelings, as my father was also very caring and loving and I too miss him yet. Lord may bless his soul and keeps you strong. Stay Blessed.

His little wioness.. Your dad loved you dearly. Hugs my friend.

Hugs always to you, my Leelee!

Awww 😘😘love you loads my sista grrl

Those are beautiful memories. How long ago did your dad pass on?

He passed in November of 2011. I still look for him at my Momma's house.