Have Been Haunted For A Long Time.

I been haunted by the memory of a girl I knew . Her name is Carey (at least for the purposes of this story for her familes privacy)we met in school and we hit it off being really good friends and eventually I fell in love with her and by the time I was able to tell her she had met a guy and started dating him so I held off and later on I got close to telling her agin inspite of her boyfriend and that was the day she told me he had proposed and at the time she seemed happy so I held off again.

 I then started to date the girl that became my first wife and while doing so Carey and her boyfriend were married so I stuck with the girl that became my first wife . Both her husband and my first wife we both found out were unstable and at times violent one day Carey called me and said  her husband had caused her to have a miscarrage he had beaten her so badly i tried to get her to get help but she refused saying she was his wife seeing this caused me to realize my own condition and I freed myself and my 3 kids at the time from her with my parents help.

I tried to help Carey from the situation she was in and she finally accepted and her husband found out she was leaving and killed her the night before i was suppossed to get her. 2 weeks after her funeral her mother brought me a letter Carey had written and in it was she told me how she had loved me as long as i had her but it seemed once things had gotten started between her and her husband in a false pregnancy scare the reason for them getting married.

She thought she would never be able to tell me and when she had  planned to tell me early in their marriage I had started dateing my first wife so she like me thought I was unavailable so stayed with her husband until it was to late. She stated in the letter that she thought it was to late because of how violent he had become. she had written it 2 days before he killed her and gave it to her mom to give me if any thing happened to her. This is why I make it a point to never hold my feelings back because you never know what might be or not be and i never want to have the regret of have never known because i held back again.

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Wow this is so touching! Thanks for the tears pal! Have a nice day!

Thank you. =D