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My Dental Fillings Poisoned Me

I'd like to tell my story about my experience with mercury amalgam dental fillings.

I had the first filling as a small boy aged 7, due to a dental abcess.

I acquired ten more in the following 20 years, some quite large.

As a young adult I was phsyically very fit, doing lots of sport and leading a very active life.

The onset of symptoms was insidious from the age of about 11 years old - although I was not aware anything serious was wrong with me until I was well into my thirties.

The symptoms developed gradually and at first were subtle, with eyestrain headaches (no diagnosis until 1989, then it was wrong, but sincere!), double and blurred vision, gastro-instestinal irregularities, asthma, tingling teeth, chronic and acute sinusitis, sinus infections, chest infections, heart arrythmias, high blood pressure, 'boiling brain', chronic fatigue, poor concentration, impaired balance, mood swings and personality changes. There are more, but these are the main ones.

I live in the UK, and could not afford private treatment, and the National Health Service is completely ignorant (and/or in denial) about the possibility of mercury hypersensitivity from mercury amalgam dental fillings.

In 1998 chronic ill-health forced me to give up work (I was a university lecturer). 

Apart from diagnosing the obvious symptoms of ill-health as 'atopic' (i.e., of unknown cause) the medical investigations I've undergone (which have been numerous!) have all drawn a blank.

After many years of trying to figure out what might have caused my problems I came to the conclusion it was likely to be a toxicity problem. A little more searching and mercury hypersensitivity seemed a likely candidate.

My General Practitioner (family doctor) admitted that doctors training in the NHS aren't taught anything about mercury toxicity arising from dental fillings. But he agreed that, given my medical history, it was worth getting my fillings changed.

A local NHS dentist agreed to remove all my amalgam fillings and replace them with white ceramic resin - although he could not do this for free as the NHS doesn't pay for these, so I had to pay.

My fillings were replaced in batches, and after each treatment the first thing I noticed after the anaesthetic wore off was that the teeth with new fillings had stopped tingling!

That was two years ago (2006). The result was to change my life.

Since then my heart arrythmia is considerably better, my blood pressure has come down, my boiling brain symptoms have gone completely, my eyesight is vastly improved (and still improving), my asthma is much better, my sinusitis is improving (I also had surgery to help with that), my balance is almost back to normal, my concentration is much better, my gastrointestinal irregulairites are gone, and my mood is back to being optimistic and happy.

I've read on some of the US websites that recommend (expensive) chelation treatment that the mercury already in the body will not be lost unless actively treated.

At least one other site (I've forgotten the address, sorry!) claimed that mercury was lost slowly from the body by natural physiological mechanisms.

I'm not a scientist, so I can only view these opposing viewpoints from the perspective of an interested ignoramus - but lack of funds prompted me to go for removal of the mercury first, then wait and see if any other treatments were required to restore my health.

In my case I've taken no special treatments or dietary supplements, just had my fillings changed, and it may be relevant that I'm a vegan (I eat no meat or animal products).

Since I had the mercury removed from my teeth my health has gradually and cumulatively improved, and all my symptoms have either reduced considerably or disappeared entirely. The improvement is still continuing - no idea whether I will ever completely recover, but having got as far as this is simply wonderful!

At age 54, not having worked for ten years, and not doing 'stress' at all these days, I'm content to live at home and be categorised as a 'domestic appliance' (that's what my wife now jokingly calls me - and I never argue with her!).  We're both overjoyed at my marked improvement after all these years of being given no hope at all by the medical profession.

I'd be very interested to know if there are any others out there who have had a similar experience to mine - I've not found any mercury poisoning 'survivor' groups on the internet that are active in the UK.

Best wishes.


mercurysurvivor mercurysurvivor 56-60, M 75 Responses May 28, 2008

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Hello Paul,
I read your post with interest and appreciate you taking the time to write it and respond to people's messages. It can be a lonely road walked by anybody suffering from mercury poisoning so to find a fellow sufferer with a like-minded philosophy.
I have made some great discoveries over the last year and things are beginning to unravel and become clearer.
My symptoms have been over my lifetime whether I knew it or not. Primarily my symptoms have been mental - depression, OCD, chronic anxiety, worry, general disconnectedness. My treatment for this has been psychology based, been on antidepressants for 12 yrs and had lots of talking therapy.
My physical problems have been numerous, severe back pain, candida, itchy skin.
It's been a long road to say the least. I am 42 now.
A year ago, out of sheer desperation I went on a gluten free diet, which had an immediate effect for about 3 weeks. Then i had a silver filling replaced with silver. Thibgs worsened and i made the connection, got all 8 out safely in December. No immediate improvement untul i started dmsa and ala chelation on Cutler protocol. For 3 months now there have been some nice improvements in mental health and other physical symptoms have improved by 50 per cent. I have felt happier and more connected and alive.
It's early days and I know like you it'll take yrs to fully recover.

I never thought i would get this far. I always knew something was majorly wrong and thought it was all psychological pain.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for sharing all this with us. I'm really glad that you have at last achieved some significant improvement which looks like it will continue. In my case the greatest period of improvement was from between 6 months after I'd had the amalgam removed and 18 months - after that it slowed down but continued for another few years until after six or seven years I felt completely free of the symptoms. This was without synthetic chelation therapy - I used only natural products, so in your case the progress of recovery might be accelerated.
You may be interested to learn that, despite an EU total ban on amalgam due to come into force in the next few years (it's use has already been stopped in children and pregnant women), the scientific establishment is continuing to claim that there is no evidence that amalgam causes health problems. I suspect that as the time draws closer they'll change their tune and be advising that everyone should have their fillings changed. The influence of the industrial lobby is great, and in the background they are no doubt already gearing up to increase production of the synthetic resins that are used to replace amalgam ( just as the tobacco industry has pretty much taken over the e-cigarette market in Europe and the US in response to declining tobacco sales).
In the meantime, an unknown number of people are suffering from adverse effects from mercury amalgam with little or no interest from the medical and scientific world.
Anyway, I wish you every success in your recovery and I'm pleased that chelation therapy is working for you.

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I'm almost certain I have mercury poisoning. My parents don't believe me in the slightest though and just talk down to me and it's very discouraging. I've taken numerous tests before thinking it could be my fillings, CT of the neck/sinus, blood tests, etc. I've seen a throat specialist, had a scope down my throat, pretty much everything I can possibly do. The tests were normal, apparently. However, when the scope was down my throat he said my throat was very red, irritated and vocal chords were irritated too. The doctors say I have sinus problems and that's about it. They won't tell me a cause, the medicine does nothing and they just have no clue what to do. I've read so many mercury articles and the symptoms seem dead on. Sore throat, headaches, ears hurt, ringing ears, trouble swallowing, and just so much more. I have about 12 mercury fillings probably and the pain started after I had this one silver cap put in but I never made the connection. The tooth never stopped hurting for roughly 2 years when after a root canal its suppose to not hurt. I've since had it removed but I still have all these other fillings so I think that's why I'm failing to improve. It started about when I was 17 or 18 and now 21. I don't know what to do. I don't have the money for this and my parents don't even believe me. It's so bad to the point where I don't enjoy anything really and just feel like dying. I feel like working would be very difficult if I can't even enjoy things I like. Although I am trying to get a job it's just not happening. It's just getting worse and worse and pretty much only my one friend believes me that it could be my fillings and everyone else thinks I'm insane. Even though it's posted all over people have felt better after getting them removed. I feel like I can really just never get a start on life now like I was robbed of all happiness. I've never felt worse in my life and I was a healthy kid. And like someone else said in the comments I feel suicidal at times. Like I don't want to live the rest of my life like this. I hardly even wanna live another day like this let alone over 10 or even 5 years. I really don't know what to do.

Hi Tryski,

Thanks for sharing your story - and I'm sorry to hear about how ill and despondent you've been feeling. There's lots you can do to discover more about whether the mercury in your teeth is the cause of (or a contributory factor to) your ill-health. But first, some comments on the logic of diagnosis, so you'll have some idea of why it's wise to be cautious when inferring any conclusions.

Your history of multiple mercury fillings, unsuccessful root canal work and chronic symptoms is consistent with chronic mercury poisoning, but - logically - it doesn't necessarily follow that this is what you've actually got. There's no definitive test available. Even the (very expensive) tests using synthetic chelating agents are not definitive because they rely on positioning the patient's response curve along a continuum derived from statistical data, where the 'norm' is (of necessity) positioned according to statistical assumptions based on a body of 'hard' data rather than taking into account the individual's idiosyncratic responses and self-reported symptoms (an intelligent and wise clinician will take the latter into account, but it's still educated guesswork). That's one reason why I never bothered with a formal medical diagnosis (that and the expense, and the risks of adverse side effects from the synthetic chelating agents - these are very powerful drugs).

So, what can you do? Well, the most pragmatic approach is to use a non-invasive test (if you want to receive a test result) and then try out natural chelating agents (if you want to see if they have any effect on you). If they have a beneficial effect then that's good news, and you can test the consistency of the effect by systematically stopping and recommencing the chelation therapy for specific periods of time and logging the results in terms of your pattern of symptoms. If the effect is consistently beneficial the next stage is to consider whether you wish to have your mercury fillings removed and replaced with white fillings.

The non-invasive test I'd recommend (again not definitive or conclusive) is hair analysis. This tests how much mercury is being deposited in your hair - one way of the human body getting rid of the stuff. Do an internet search on hair analysis and you'll find one in your area (you don't say where you live, but the test is done on a hair sample you can send off in the mail). This test will tell you whether your hair contains abnormally high levels of mercury (based on statistical norms again!). It will not tell you whether this is 'normal' or 'abnormal' for your body physiology, nor will it tell you where the source of the mercury is within your body.

Given that the quantity of mercury contained in your fillings is far in excess of any amount of mercury you will have ever have ingested from vaccines, medicines and natural sources (some foods contain traces of mercury, particularly some seafoods) it's a defensible inference to conclude that the source of the mercury is very likely to be your mercury fillings. This doesn't license the inference that your mercury fillings are the cause of your symptoms however, because more data is required to support any further conclusions. This data will come from your own self-treatment with natural chelating agents.

There are lots of natural chelating agents available. I tried chlorella algae and cilantro (coriander) and preferred the latter, but there are others out there - an internet search will provide you with lots of options.

Be systematic and methodical in your use of them, and chart your intake and the results in terms of the effects on you. You may have to experiment with increasing the amounts you take in order to achieve a beneficial affect. After a while try stopping the therapy for a period and chart the results. The repeat the process a few times to see if the effect is consistent.

Do not expect instant results. It may take a few weeks to notice any difference in yourself. But if there is a consistent improvement (replicated each time you stop and restart the therapy) then it's very likely that mercury is implicated in your symptoms.

At this point you are faced with a decision: to continue with the the natural chelation therapy long term (which will not remove all the mercury in your teeth, only some of the mercury that has leached into your body tissues - a kind of maintenance therapy) or be radical and have your amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings. The choice is up to you. If you opt for the latter, again don't expect instant results - it may take months or years for a full recovery to be achieved because mercury deposited in your body tissues is lost so slowly (you can help this process by continuing with the chelation therapy). In my case after about six months I started improving very quickly, and this rapid improvement continued for about a further year and then slowed down, so that the few residual (and mild) symptoms took several years to completely disappear.

As you can see, there's lots you can do to explore whether mercury might be the cause of your ill-health.

I hope you find a way of addressing your issues, and I wish you the best of luck.

Kind regards,

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Well if mercury is my problem, which I think it is seeing as doctors won't tell me the actual cause and I've done so many tests, it would have to be my teeth because I don't eat fish. And I know you don't improve instantly. I thought about doing a test but I heard they were all inaccurate so I didn't really want to do it because then my parents would straight up tell me it's not the cause when the test could just not be right. I've heard about this chelating thing. How exactly do I do it? Do I meet someone? How often do I do it? And is it expensive?

Hi Tryski,

It's not that the tests are inaccurate, it's that they don't provide a clear-cut answer to the challenge of making a diagnosis. Sending a lock of your hair to a lab for analysis will result in an accurate assay of how much mercury there is in the hair - and whether this level is within normal limits. What the test results cannot tell you is why the result is as it is. But if it's higher than the norm then you may have a problem with mercury. That's all it can tell you.

As for the natural chelating agents - just google these words and you'll find lots of options. You just order what you want - chlorella, for example, is available as tablets. Cilantro (coriander) you can buy at the supermarket. You take as much as you can tolerate - I suggest small amounts at first and then gradually increase until you notice an affect on your symptoms or you run out of enthusiasm. Coriander can be eaten with your meals (I used to eat loads of it, I still eat it even now - I've grown to like the stuff).

The natural chelating agents are not significantly expensive - the price will vary across different regions so it's not possible for me to be specific - I don't wish to mislead you.

Self-treatment will certainly be less expensive that paying for medical treatment, and the natural chelating agents are not harmful, although you do need to be aware that your body may have a limit to the quantities it will tolerate (as with everything we ingest - just as with a food intolerance). But unless you have an allergy to the chelating agent, or a significant intolerance to it (which is why you should start with small quantities) you'll get along fine.

Good luck and best wishes,

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I have more than 20 symptoms and is going to a dentist that specializes to remove mercury fillings. I also work with a medical doctor (Gynecologist) who is helping me to cleanse my body. She realize years ago that normal pills only take away the symptoms and not the illness and studied further. The mercury damage your DNA and on a cell level breaks down your cell communication to function normal. Mercury can damage any or all of your organs. The doctor is just working on getting the mercury removed out of my body. Once removed my symptoms will vanish. Five of 8 mercury amalgams have been removed and the last three will be removed tomorrow. I have been using the vitamins that cleanse my body for the last three weeks. I already feel a bit better but my body still tires very quickly.

Hi Benmica,

Thanks for sharing this - and I'm very pleased to learn that things are improving for you. And your doctor colleague is giving you lots of support and advice, which is great.

Natural chelating agents such as chlorella or cilantro (coriander) may be beneficial to you. Coriander is available as a culinary herb in its natural (unprocessed, fresh) state, and is the one I use even now, a decade after I had the mercury removed from my teeth.

Best wishes for the future, and I hope you achieve a full recovery (though be patient - it can take years for all the symptoms to disappear completely).

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you for putting your experience with mercury toxicity. I'm glad you're feeling fine now.
I found out a few days ago by my holistic doctor with the use of kinesiology that I have too much mercury. It didn't surprise me as I have 9 amalgams fillings. I have an appointment with a mercury free dentist on Friday which seems to have the proper protocol to remove them. I can't wait to get them out quickly and get my health and life back!!
My doctor is giving me a treatment but I'd also like to use bentonite clay baths, activated charcoal and chlorella. The last two I saw on holland and barrett's webside and they seem good but I was wondering if anyone here could recommend any from their successful experience . I'd like to use safe products really as I read some chlorella contains heavy metals too... Thanks!

Hi Sadenes,
Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you found my story helpful. I hope your condition improves after you've had the mercury removed.

I've not tried the clay baths, although I one of my contacts got a great deal of benefit out of clay-wrapping. The activated charcoal is also outside my experience. I tried chlorella but it did not help me - although many people say that it does help them. The issue about heavy metals in chlorella arises from the geographical site where it's harvested, I believe, so it might be worth checking out whether the manufacturer is prepared to state that their product is monitored for heavy metals.

The natural chelating agent I found really helpful was coriander (cilantro), preferably fresh. It's got a peculiar taste although I got used to it very quickly and now like it.

Best wishes,

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Wow! I'm a little floored right now. I wonder if this my problem???? I've had many, many mercury fillings. Even swallowed a batch once when the filling fell out after being put in by a substitute dentist. I'm hesitant to mess with my mouth (since it doesn't have any current pain...just random jaw pain) but my body pain and issues make me suicidal and I can't keep living like this. I will do some further research. Thanks for writing such an informative piece!<br />
<br />
On a side note, a few days ago i tried posting a comment on Yahoo telling people to boycott Mercury because of my suspicion that it poisons people but it never posted and my computer crashed right thereafter. Coincidence? or Censorship?

Hi shylamaris,
Thanks for sharing your story - and thanks for your appreciation of my efforts to publicise this issue.
I'm sorry to learn that you are having a bad experience - if you search through the earlier messages on this thread and my responses you'll find much that is of relevance to you, especially as regards what you might do next.
I'm now 59 years old - haven't got around to updating my posting above - and I'm doing really well. I wish I'd cottoned on to the mercury a lot earlier in my life and got rid of it sooner.
Good luck with your search and your journey through life and I hope you end up where you wish to be - never give up hope.
Kind regards and best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thanks Paul (aka "domestic appliance"). Your response and kindness is most appreciated. I contacted a dentist to inquire about removal and am waiting for a response. It's terrible you suffered so long but heartening to hear about your recovery. You give me hope!

I esperienced, same or similar symptopms, the mercury fillings put into my mouth at high school from being brightest student of the school turned me into a worst one. I lost all of my social life and almost all of my health at age of 32 I discovered the cure from writings such as yours, after filling removal and some cholorella and so I started to feel great. I forgot how it is being normal again, I can cry everymorning I woke up without pain in my back and can remember simple details. I wish world health organizations recognize this and prohibit usage of this poison.

Hi ozdemirser,
It\'s great to hear that you are beginning to feel better - and thanks for expressing your appreciation of my story. It\'s good to learn that it has been helpful.
It is worth noting that mercury is lost from human body tissues very slowly unless chelating agents are used (of which chlorella is a natural one and carries no risk of side-effects so far as I know). This means that the mercury in your body, even with chlorella (which has only a weak action) is likely to take many years to be competely lost. In my case it\'s taken around ten years since having my fillings out, but now I can safely say that I no longer experience any of the toxic effects at all (I\'m 59 years of age now). The rate of progress obviously become more subtle over time as there\'s less mercury remaining in the body to be lost, but it\'s worth persevering with your chelating agent. In my case it was coriander, which I grew to like and still eat in salads and other dishes (even cooked).
So I hope for you that things continue to get better and you get your life to where you wish to be.
The EU is supposed to be passing a resolution banning mercury amalgam in dental fillings sometime around now, which will come into effect in a few years\' time (the delay being to protect powerful commercial interests no doubt) but whether there is enough political will to ban the use of mercury worldwide in all substances that are used in medicine is another matter. But we can only hope.
Best wishes,

Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I think my bodies detox mechanism is half working half not, only with garlic &amp; chlorella in two weeks I started to feel great. Even my eye sight improved previosly is was like PAL /NTSC now it is like full hd quality :). In Turkey doctors doesn\'t admit amalgam is harmfull, so they dont know anything about helation too, I have to do it on my own, garlic &amp; chlorella is going fine, we have coriander here although I dont like the taste it worths trying. Thank you for your reply.

I have a mouthful of these fillings including a gold crown near them and have had really bad headaches , confusion, metal taste and a host of other symptoms, so this was really intersting and useful to read. I am going to start looking into testing and removal asap. Notably I have 2 autistic sons as well, so am concerned through no fault of my own that i may have helped to cause their problems. And before people start saying i should have looked after my teeth i clamp and grind my teeth causing the need for fillings and possibly not helping with the possible mercury poisoning either.

Hi amcgovern,
Thanks for your comment - sounds like you have a plan, hope it works out.
I don't know if a link has been made between the generations with regards to the effects of amalgam toxicity, so I'm not in a position to comment either way. You'd be surprised where human exposure to mercury happens, it's not just amalgam fillings. The pharmaceutical industry puts it in vaccines (as some sort of stabiliser or preservative) and children are still routinely injected with this stuff directly into their body tissues. So far as I know, no large-scale studies have ever been done to identify what the long-term effects might be. Even if only 0.01% of children are adversely affected in a low-level chronic way, that's still tens of thousands of people whose lives are reduced in quality as a result, and possibly even ruined. But such a small figure is usually dismissed as being 'not statistically significant' in medical research, so no-one takes any notice of it. If you compare this attitude to road accidents, only one or two component failures in a new car model will result in instant large-scale recalls by the manufacturer to have the defect remedied to prevent injury and harm. Shame the same logic can't apply to the hazards of mercury in its medical applications. Mercury is already classified as a highly toxic substance by Health and Safety legislation...and is classified as an ecologically dangerous substance by natural science. But somehow in medical applications it's deemed to be OK.
Best wishes and good luck with getting your fillings changed, and hope everything goes well.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

THANK YOU. HAPPY FOR YOU.Can you please tell me if yoru poisoning was acompanied by a foul taste in your mouth seeming to coem from a sinus drip ?Also present is a fast pulse rate. Adn today weeks later a low fever . I thouhgt I had a virus with low fever in January and antibiotics cleared this.I think. But now in April the fou
lt aste emerges since last month and now a low fever and fast pulse.

Ms Omowale

Hi berylmay (Ms Omowale),
Thanks for your appreciation - it's always good to know that my story is of interest to others, and sometimes of help too.
Sorry to hear you are having sinus problems - you'd be amazed how common these are!
Your symptoms are recognizable as post-nasal drip. The foul taste could come from this and/or from the amalgam. With sinusitis there is commonly a rosy-cheeked appearance with a flushed, hot face, and perhaps a low-grade fever as you describe. The increase in pulse rate could also be due to the low-grade fever, but also disturbances to heart rhythm have been described in some accounts of chronic mercury toxicity.
In my case I developed a serious heart arrhythmia over twenty years ago which put me in coronary care! I was prescribed tablets to control it, and although it improved dramatically after I'd had my amalgam removed, I still have to take the tablets as a precaution. I'm not suggesting this might be the case with you, but would be wise for you to be aware of this possibility and seek medical advice if you believe your are suffering any symptoms of heart arrhythmia such as irregular pulse, tiredness, fainting.
Chronic sinus problems are part of the symptom-cluster that is characteristic of chronic mercury poisoning. So far as I understand these things some people may have chronic sinus problems unconnected with any reaction to their amalgam fillings (if they have any such fillings).
If you do have amalgam fillings, though, there might be a connection.
In my case, I have a long history of chronic sinus problems going all the way back to the mid-1960s. The problems started around four years after I had my first amalgam filling, but perhaps more significantly shortly after I'd had my nose broken whilst playing rugby around 1965. I've had lots of surgery to try to alleviate the problems, which has worked only to a small degree. There was a significant improvement after I had my amalgam fillings removed around eight years ago. But although the intensity of the symptoms receded to some extent after I had my amalgam fillings removed, I continue to have chronic sinus inflammation and infections, which yet more surgery has failed to stop. I was once, around fifteen years ago, put on antibiotics for several months, which after many weeks got the problems under control and I was very well for around three months after the antibiotics were stopped, then all the problems started again.
My advice is that you should consult your GP (family physician) and explore ways of managing your sinus inflammation problems. He/she might acknowledge that your amalgam fillings might be contributing to the problem, but I doubt it, unless he/she is very enlightened. In the short-term another course of antibiotics may be advisable, because sinus infections are notoriously difficult to clear up with only a short course. I still take several courses of antibiotics a year for my sinus problems (under medical supervision) - if I don't I end up with chronic bronchitis and then pneumonia (this is because I'm asthmatic as well...another component of the mercury toxicity symptom-cluster).
Another thing that might help is antihistamine medication - your sinus inflammation may begin with an allergic reaction and then proceed to infection (this is the path I commonly follow). As a result I've taken daily antihistamines under medical supervision for several decades, otherwise my sinuses are permanently infected and even antibiotics don't help because the inflammation allows re-infection to take place.
I hope the above information is of help to you.
Best wishes and good luck.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you for posting your story and everyone else.Iv had suspicions for about four years about my fillings when a dentist decided to redo my white fillings to amalgalm! Oh If I had known Id have three less then the nine I have. Im 34 and experiencing hyperhtyroid, depression, restless leg, inflamation in many organs etc. I do yoga every day and take pretty good care of myself so to have this at my age just does not make sense unless it is toxicity. You need to watch out for yourself.. doctors are not Gods they usually do what they are told and believe what information they are feed.

Iv been looking for resaaurance fom people one I get them out I will feel better. I got my first ones at about age 22, then years ago.

Hi djinanna,
If the onset of your symptoms post-dates having your fillings replaced with amalgam then there's a significant possibility that they are amalgam-related.
I'd advise consulting your GP (physician) as a precaution in case he/she feels that medical investigations into other possible causes are indicated.
If you decide to have the fillings replaced, please be sure to use a dentist who knows how to take the necessary precautions against the absorption of even more mercury into your body as a result of drilling out the amalgam.
The good news is that the human body naturally loses mercury (albeit very slowly) and if the cause of your symptoms is the amalgam, having your fillings removed will result in your symptoms receding (although perhaps not immediately - the mercury is transferred between a succession of body tissues before it is excreted). Using natural chelating agents will speed up this process.
Best wishes and good luck,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi Amanda,
Thank you so much for sharing your story here - I do hope you begin to feel a significant improvement soon.
You've obviously had a terrible drawn-out experience which you have endured with great courage and resourcefulness.
The NHS is completely hopeless on mercury sensitivity/tocixity. Most doctors/dentists appear to be taught that there's no scientific research supporting the claim that amalgam can have toxic effects and as a result tend to view patients who suspect they are suffering from mercury sensitivity/troxicity as if they are at best eccentric and at worst mad.
It is hardly surprising that patients who have been treated in this way search for alternative remedies.
Your emphasis on natural chelating agents is very good to hear. The synthetic ones are very powerful drugs and can only be used (so far as I am aware) by medical practitioners. As a result not only is the cost great but the risk of unwanted side effects is significant also.
The natural chelating agents are mostly easily available and can be used without medical supervision.
It is unlikely that you will experience the full benefit of the chelating agents until you've had your amalgam fillings removed, since from your history it would appear you have developed a severe sensitivity/toxicity to mercury, and of course it will still be interfering with your physiology so long as there is a source remaining. So the sooner you have your amalgam fillings removed the better.
As regards the coffee enemas, this is the first time I've heard of this treatment having a beneficial effect on mercury sensitivity/toxicity, which is not to say you (or others) don't benefit, but that the effect may not be directly on the amalgam issues.
It should be borne in mind that some some people (including myself) are very sensitive to caffeine (I've no idea whether this is a result of the effects of mercury on my physiology).
So the coffee enemas are only advisable for someone who already knows that their body tolerates high doses of caffeine without ill-effects. In my case even low doses caffeine produce a serious cardiac arrythmia - although I didn't discover this until another cause of arrythmia had put me in coronary care over twenty years ago. After I'd had my amalgam fillings removed the tendency to arrythmia actually declined, so although I still take heart pills and I still avoid stimulants I feel much better.
Amanda, I hope your treatments are successful and your health recovers - and that you soon feel well enough to start a blog on your experience which others can benefit from.
With kind regards and my very best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Also, addition to the link below.. I am not using any chemical chelation :) Chlorella is super but you need to deal with your Colon too & look after your liver ... Regular coffee enemas help too.. Cilantro & garlic are great... Activated charcoal... Cellular liquid zeolites and now have humet r on the way for after removal... All powerful natural products... Chlorella is used to flush out the mines to
Pull out the last bits of metals & is super nutritious & very alkalising ... Hope this helps steer people in a more gentle but powerful direction than some of the chemicals that seem to bring great reactions.

I want to say thanks for sharing your story... I can not type too much at the moment as I am suffering extreme symptoms of chronic mercury poisining & still awaiting removal of my amalgams... I am also in the UK & was given up on by the NHS after a few tests (it took 18 years and me turning into a housebound vegetable to get these tests over the past year!) My nervous system & brain are very affected as well as the whole right hand side of my body.... I almost gave up a few months ago and started planning euthanasia as the daily pain & symptoms were torturous and paralysis of my throat & tongue often meant I couldn't even speak.... Doctors were starting to treat me as mad & pointing me towards mental health services (I have a super mind and mental health services would be the last place I visit if I ever did need help in that department! Meditation has really helped me not lose my sanity throughout this ordeal & lack of help as has self hypnosis & NLP but even advanced psychotherapy is not enough to get rid of mercury poisoning!!)

I have recently been first diagnosed by a super Osteopath/kinesioligist who thinks outside the box (or as he says "what box? There is no box!) After trying to get him to help me walk.... Then I have headed afar to a respected biological dentist who has found more signs of mercury sensitivity & toxicity.... I'm currently chelating and getting my body used to moving the mercury out & to get my levels down before removal as 18 years ago when I had them put in I suffered the symptoms of a stroke and was floor bound for 6 months as a teenager (and left to rot by the NHS too)
Finding others who have been through it really helps, particularly with hope that I can get rid of these awful symptoms, or at least some of them.... I'm so looking forward to getting back out in the world (housebound for 13 months now.. And still sane, just about!!)

Thanks for sharing.. I will be writing a blog soon & will be contacting our local hospital to make sure all those docs that dealt with me get to know what the actual problem is and how to spot it to stop others suffering so much, and I want an apology! I hope to later set up a website & support group where others can share their stories & successes & tips & suitable healthcare professionals to approach....

Good luck with your journey x

I don't know that my fillings are mercury, but I can taste the metal from my filling, the tooth is crumbling. I have bad headaches that last several days that I assumed were cycle related. Now I want that filling out. It takes like aluminum.

Hi lady7295,
Your intuitions are entirely wise. If the tooth is crumbling and your mouth has a metallic taste and this is associated with the onset of headaches of a kind that are atypical for you, then there is a significant probability that there are microscopic fragments of the amalgam filling breaking free and entering your lungs and gastro-intestinal tract (the mercury will travel from there to your brain).
If you opt to have the tooth rebuilt using a non-mercury-based filling I suggest you ask your dentist to take every possible precaution to prevent further ingestion of mercury into your body whilst the old filling is being drilled out.
The good news is that the human body does lose mercury (albeit very slowly) through natural physiological processes (unlike lead, which once absorbed is inside you for good). So, unless these recent developments have taken place within a context of long-term mercury toxicity, your symptoms should subside naturally once the mercury is removed.
Hope all goes well - good luck and best wishes.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi, everybody! Today I changed all 4 of my amalgam fillings and replaced them with composite. I did it in Latvian national dental institute and it cost me 23LVL(34EUR) for a single filling replacement including anesthesia. Have a trip to Latvia and replace your fillings here. Two good things at the same time!

Hi Paul. Did you ever have a blood test for mercury? If you did, what were your levels if you can remember? I have recently been diagnosed with MS and I can't stop thinking that my amalgams may play a role. I only have two and I've had them since I was 11 or 12. I'm 25 now. I had my level checked last week, and I got the results. I was just under 4. I was told that the range is between 10 and 14, or something like that. I was actually disappointed that my levels were not higher. I still have some researching to do, but I have not given up on the idea that I need to have this metal removed from my mouth.

Hi ChicaBee503,
Thanks for your query - apologies for the delay in replying, I've been bedridden with a chest infection!
I did have a simple serum mercury level done around a decade ago, which came back as normal. Then, after doing a lot of reading, I discovered that such a tests is worthless - it is simply not a reliable indicator of how much mercury is in your body, or where it is deposited, or whether the amounts you have are causing harmful effects.
There is a more sophisticated test based on blood levels which checks the body's capacity to release deposited mercury to a chelating agent, and the blood samples are taken over a period of time and the results plotted on a graph. From this it is possible (so they claim) to calculate how much mercury you have in your body. Still doesn't tell you where it is or whether it is actually the cause of any symptoms you might have.
So I never bothered with getting a chelation test carried out, partly because the reading I did (from various sources, including medical) indicated their reliability was not good, and partly because the chemicals used (powerful synthetic chelating agents) have been associated with reports of adverse reactions (which I've had a lot of from pharmaceuticals) and partly (I must admit) the expense.
Another issue here is that the sensitivity to mercury displayed by the human body varies from individual to individual, just as some people respond well to some drug treatments and not to others. It is a feature of pharmacological idiosyncrasy - we don't all react the same way. The sensitivity to both the intended action of a drug or chemical and its side-effects will be a distributed along a normal distribution curve (at least in theory, and quite likely in practice).
So your result does not necessarily indicate that the level of mercury in your body is harmless to you. Given how much lower it is than the 'normal' range, you'd have to be very sensitive to it to have detrimental effects, but this can't be ruled out.
Given your recent diagnosis of MS (sorry to hear about that) it would be worth searching the web to see if you can find any reports of associations between MS and mercury sensitivity. I'd be very interested to hear from you again on this, I don't have the time myself at the moment to fit any more into my schedule!
Ultimately the decision is yours about amalgam removal, and if you are to be happy with it you need to feel that you've based it on the best and most comprehensive information and advice you can obtain. So you are very wise to do some more research - the time will come when you will know you are ready to decide.
Best wishes and good luck - please let me know how you get on.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I hate to be the contrarian here, but there is no significant evidence that amalgam (amalgam means it is a mixture of metals, not just mercury) fillings have any effects on health. People with amalgams have no difference in health issues than those without health issues.

Once elemental mercury is mixed with the other metal powders, it becomes inert and loses its toxicity. There is very little leakage of mercury VAPOR, not elemental mercury, after a filling is placed. Most studies on this have been performed on sheep, not humans. The fillings are placed all at once, and are huge and very numerous. This isn't the case in humans.

Please remember, elements such as sodium and chloride are very, very poisonous in their elemental form. Once mixed together, they are inert. If this was not true, table salt (sodium chloride) would be deadly.

Don't get mixed up in bad science. If you are concerned about mercury toxicity, you also need to stop eating fish. There is more mercury exposure in fish than you will ever get in a small dental filling.

Hi realscientist,
Thank you for your comment.
Amalgam is a physical mixture of elemental mercury with other metals - it is not strictly speaking an alloy and is certainly NOT a chemical compound like table salt, as you claim.
You claim that 'mercury VAPOR' is not elemental mercury. If it is not elemental mercury it must be chemically bound up with some other element - which, so far as I understand the composition of amalgam, is not the case. So what exactly is the composition of 'mercury VAPOR' then?
The mercury in amalgam is not bound chemically in the mixture in the way it is in a chemical compound or even physically as it would be in an alloy. In some alloys the constituent metals exhibit different chemical properties than in their elemental form, but not all, so far as I understand (some aluminium alloys being a good example).
It is not justified, therefore, simply to assume that mercury amalgam is safe in humans, and thus far (for reasons best known to those who sponsor and fund such research) very few credible studies have been carried out on the long-term effects of amalgam in humans.
If you want 'good' science you aim for good research design and try to replicate your findings - I haven't found much evidence of this when it comes to the possible long-term toxic effects of mercury amalgam on humans.
If you know better, perhaps you could supply some references.
The dental and medical industries have claimed that amalgam is inert ever since its therapeutic convenience was first identified in the 19th century (when the health risks of mercury were not even considered), and since then very little research has been done on humans (using the sheep as an animal model may turn out to be inappropriate - who knows?).
The results of what little research has been carried out are hotly disputed by the anti-amalgam lobby, whose own research is in turn rubbished by the pro-amalgam lobby. It has all got very nasty indeed (and, in some cases, personal and abusive).
Yet, despite the claims by the pro-amalgam lobby, and the proponents of the 'trust us we're scientists' view, serious concerns about the safety of amalgam are being accorded more credibility, and a precautionary approach is being increasingly advocated at a political level.
It took Professor Sir Richard Doll many decades to demonstrate conclusively (using statistical analysis) the link between cigarette-smoking and lung cancer, by means of a large-scale longitudinal study (the longest in history) where small-scale studies had previously failed to demonstrate such a link. Maybe this is what is needed with amalgam poisoning, who knows? But simply claiming it's safe is no longer credible to those who, like me, suffered serious ill-health and then recovered after amalgam removal.
For many years now The World Health Organization has recommended against the use of mercury amalgam in pregnant women and children under 7 years of age. Have WHO and their medical advisers been hoodwinked by 'bad' science?
In England the NHS does not use mercury amalgam in pregnant women and children under 7 - 'bad' science again?
Mercury amalgam is already banned in a number of countries and a vote on an EU-wide ban is likely to take place later this year. 'Bad' science again?!
Mercury in fish certainly was a serious issue some years ago - I don't know whether it is now - I'm a vegan so don't follow this issue. Your advice may be accurate and beneficial - but the claim that mercury exposure is greater from eating fish than from a lifetime's exposure to the mercury in one small amalgam filling is disingenuous rhetoric and not backed up by any evidence.
In my own case, I only resorted to taking matters into my own hands when years of medical interventions had failed to diagnose the cause of multiple and complex symptoms. These symptoms declined and, in most cases completely disappeared, after I'd had my amalgam fillings removed. That doesn't constitute scientific proof, of course, but there was no explanation offered by my GP for the improvement in my health.
People who suffer serious and disabling symptoms which medical investigations fail to diagnose, still less offer treatment for, are understandably interested in alternative approaches - who can blame them?
Whether this constitutes getting 'mixed up in bad science' is debatable. There are many health claims made made by alternative medicine that are not scientifically-verified or supported by reliable evidence - on the other hand, some alternative approaches seem to work very well for some people (acupuncture, for example; which, according to western science, should not work at all).
Unfortunately the claim that mercury amalgam is safe is not backed up by scientific evidence either - instead the claim is based on a supposed lack of evidence that it is injurious to health, and this claim is resorted to because there is no reliable evidence that it is actually safe to use.....!!!!
Systematic large-scale longitudinal studies have never been carried out into the safety or otherwise of mercury amalgam. The evidence-base does not exist, because the data has never been collected and/or collated.
Therefore anyone like yourself who is concerned about the distinction between 'good' and 'bad' science would be ill-advised to simply repeat the complacent mantra that 'amalgam is safe' that is trumpeted by the pro-amalgam lobby. It is based itself on poor and inadequate science. You obviously don't wish to call it 'bad' science, but you can't claim that it is supported by a body of well-grounded scientific evidence, because such an evidence-base doesn't exist.
Instead, there is a long history of dental and medical professionals simply dismissing their patients' claims of ill-health as having nothing to do with having mercury fillings.
As with all other fields of human inquiry, if you don't look, you won't find.
I'm only a humble (retired) philosopher, of course, but I do know enough about logic to identify know when the term 'science' is being mis-used (be it 'good' or 'bad'!).
Best wishes.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Paul. I thank you for contributing to this site. I believe that my sinusitis is caused by amalgam as well as other health issues. Everything that you say makes a great deal of sense; we have to end the use of amalgam.

Real scientist,

you clearly have no respect for yourself, the earth and people who have had numerous health complaints due to mercury poisoning. The FACT there are thousands of books, articles, videos, blogs, films, documentaries and personal accounts about the absurdity of what having mercury in your teeth can do, you think it is all just hocus pocus. When dentists remove mercury from your teeth (in the uk) they have to wear gas masks and chemical face protectors. If the mercury is spilled or dropped on the floor then the room and possibly building has to be evacuated for the safety of people within the room and building. A clean up operation must then start due to the toxicity of mercury. This is something we currently think is safe in the teeth but highly dangerous when immediately removed. Most pro amalgam people claim its not dangerous when correctly fitted in the teeth, but its been proven time and time again that the vapour is released constantly. This constant stream of mercury will need to be detoxified constantly by the body. Due to us all having inidividual capacities to detoxify so much on any given day (taking into account stress, immune system, gut system etc) the system can get overloaded. There is no where else for the mercury to go apart from in the body. The brain, the muscles, the testicles, the spine etc. Some people have numerous fillings and report no health concerns. I can only hypothesize that these people have very good detoxifying capabilities and their bodily functions and immune system have not been compromised. Some people have 2 fillings and suffer immensely. Whatever the 'real science' is, the fact is that it is being banned all over the world and will be here soon in my life time for certain. I don't want to wait until i have early onset dementia at 40 because i listened to people like you and the NHS who say 'its perfectly safe' (in your teeth). Pathetic. Do us all a favour and do some proper research. Try and help your fellow humans, family and friends by rejecting amalgams and protecting our future children from this medical negligence.

Hi jonnyenglish88,
Thanks for your comment - and the rhetorical flourishes, which I found very uplifting!
The problem with the 'scientific' claim that amalgam is safe is that there is no evidence for it, as the appropriate research has never been carried out. Conversely, there's very little unanimously-accepted research into the adverse effects of amalgam in humans. This hardly surprising, since the costs of carrying out large-scale studies are prohibitive unless there is a significant prospect of the results supporting a change in government policy that will save the taxpayer money in the future (economic considerations seem to be paramount with this kind of research...).
Meanwhile, the majority of dental and medical practitioners continue to parrot the conventional wisdom that there's no evidence of ill-effects, a claim that is put out by the amalgam industry based on the lack of any evidence at all, which itself is the result of dental and medical practitioners, and scientists, being told during their training that there are no ill-effects resulting from amalgam. So when their patients complain of symptoms and relate them to their fillings, their dentists/doctors dismiss their concerns as being 'unscientific' the data doesn't get recorded. You can see the circularity here.
The idea of using sheep as an animal model for amalgam poisoning (mentioned by 'realscientist') always causes me much amusement. Has anyone ever managed to get an intelligible answer from a sheep when asked questions about headaches, psychological problems, visual disturbance, digestive problems, personality changes and the like? For an animal model to be valid it must capable of providing data on the significant health issues under research. Using sheep for amalgam toxicity studies will at best only reveal adverse physical consequences that would be devastating in humans (thus concealing the more subtle but sometimes equally disabling symptoms) and at worst give the impression that the substance being tested is totally safe. Maybe that's why sheep were chosen....!
If mercury were not already in widespread use, I cannot imagine that any proposal to the medicines approval system to use metallic mercury in patients would be accepted. The problem facing reformers is that it is always difficult to ban a substance for which there is a long history of existing use - unless people display severe symptoms which can easily be traced back to the use of the substance. With mercury the picture is much more complex, but the wealth of personal testimony attesting to the beneficial effects of having amalgam removed is becoming larger by the day, so governments and health authorities are beginning to take notice.
You're right, it's only a matter of time before amalgam is banned in the UK, and a wonderful day for humanity that will be. I'd like to see its use banned all over the world.
Best wishes.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I would also like to see it banned in all vaccinations. The link between autism and mercury is very scary. There is just no need to have this toxic unecessary element flowing through us. I'm reminded of the story behind the discovery of scurvy being caused by a lack of vitamin C. The British government were told by scientists that it can be cured/reversed by eating fruits and fermented vegetables that contain vitamin C. I think it took the government another 50 years to act on this information and start supplying ships with the right foods. During that time hundreds of thousands or millions of sailors died a painful death due to scurvy.
What about thalidomide? What about tobacco? The list is endless. People blindly think because the so called 'association of whatever .....' say its harmless than it must be true. Its the same with mental health problems and diet and nutrition. The link between them is scientifically proven and there are people all over the world with books, articles, etc etc all claiming to be symptom free or almost symptom free after discovering the root cause of their illness. Most people (and its not entirely their fault) just don't keep looking for answers and we have to find out the hard way. The medical establishment is very arrogant and corrupt due to all the rubbish they get taught by their governing body. Most of this is just rubbish that the pharamaceutical companies want them to learn.
Psychiatry is a fantastic example. I think before you become a consultant psychiatrist you may have spent at least 7 or 8 years at uni, med school, psychiatry school.... during that time the amount of information digested on pharmaceutical drugs far far far outweighs any information on diet and nutrition. They just don't clue about the role of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Its embarassing, i have met consultant psychiatrists that are paid by us who know nothing about nutrition. Just drugs for everything.
Have you seen the ITV tonight program on mercury amalgams? i think it was 2009? Im waiting for the andy cutler book i ordered recently as well.

Hi jonnyenglish88,
Yep, it's very scary that mercury is put into vaccines - supposedly as a preservative or stabilizer of some sort. But, hey, the scientists say it's all right! They say this without having done the kind of large-scale longitudinal studies based around the appropriate research design that would actually test for the toxic effects so many people complain about...then they say there's no scientific evidence that the mercury in vaccines does cause problems. They're right, of course - there isn't any scientific evidence, but the lack of it is because the right studies haven't been done. So they tell us it's safe, but in fact they don't actually know, because they haven't searched for the evidence, and they refuse to believe there's an association between the kinds of symptoms people complain about and the use of mercury in dental fillings and vaccines. Funny old world...
There's a lot of 'thinking on rails' in medicine (and dentistry, and science generally) where the conventional wisdom is taught and accepted and no-one going through the training is allowed to question it. By the time they've become important and powerful in their careers they have a vested interest in keeping it that way. So they ignore all the anecdotal testimony about the harmful effects of mercury in amalgam, which if there was any scientific curiosity in them you'd think they'd act on and do the research that's needed to see if there is actually a link, or what the real cause of the symptoms might be, and instead they just keep on telling us that mercury amalgam is safe. Now, is that 'good' science or 'bad' science, I wonder?
No, I didn't see the ITV prog (I don't watch TV) but I heard it was very good. The Cutler book I do have, and I highly recommend it. The author is a biochemist who had the symptoms of mercury poisoning but the medics wouldn't listen to him, so he did his own search through the scientific literature and found a way of curing himself. Then he wrote the book - very detailed, and very helpful, empowering for the reader.
Good luck with your search for a solution, and best wishes for the future.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you for your comments and story Paul. Its nice to hear of your suffering coming to an end and you passing on your knowledge and help to others. I had my amalgams out yesterday and i know its too early to say if anything will change (im yet to receive my metal toxicity report back from Biolab that i sent off last week). I have noticed that my muscle jerks have dramatically decreased. I usually have 20 - 50 uncontrollable jerks, like i'm being slightly electrocuted, a day. I've had a couple yesterday and a couple today which is very rare. The truth is out there!! I can't wait for my reports. Then i have some chlorella to do some serious detox.

Thanks Paul

First of all, your assumptions about what I respect, and what I don't respect reveal your propensity for emotional rhetoric and emotional arguments, not scientific ones. My viewpoint is based solely on published research and practical experience in this matter. I would never personally attack you or Paul regarding your opinions. I am not even discounting the fact that your specific ailments are not due to toxicity to certain metals. I am simply stating that there is simply not enough evidence to make global restrictions on the use of amalgam based on your personal experience. If that was the case, every drug and medical material on the market would be banned for one reason or another. There are millions of amalgams placed with no health consequences whatsoever. That is the undeniable truth. I admit that your personal experience may be very different.

As with all things, toxicity is a matter of dose. You can die from drinking to much water, for God's sake! If amalgams were harmful, we would know it by now! You bring up excellent points regarding smoking and thalidomide. People who smoke, overwhelmingly have a higher incidence of cancer, COPD, emphysema, arteriosclerosis, periodontal disease, etc. etc. than people that don't smoke. Pregnant mothers who took thalidomide overwhelmingly had a high incidence of children with devastating birth defects. People with amalgams do not have a higher incidence of ANY health maladies than those without amalgams. The term "Mad as a Hatter" originates from hatters leveling brims of hats using mercury as a level. The mercury (elemental, not in an alloy form) was absorbed in their fingertips over time and eventually affected their brain. I have no evidence, but I'm quite certain the dose that hatter's were exposed to in one day's work was significantly higher than the exposure experienced by a dental patient. In fact, using todays technology, the dentist or his assistant is not exposed to elemental mercury. The mercury and the other powders are mixed in a capsule, then opened after trituration. Your claim about mercury spillage resulting in building evacuation is simply inaccurate.

It's interesting to hear the argument that there is not enough research in this area. From 2004 to 2008, there were 433 articles published related to amalgam safety. There are numerous studies using children and pregnant women, not sheep, which conclude that there were no safety concerns. This includes the aforementioned physical and psychological disturbances. By the way, the studies using sheep were conducted by groups that wanted to prove amalgams toxicity, not unbiased researchers. I can email you a list of these studies, but listing here is beyond the scope of this forum. In return, could you please send me a listing of the "thousands" of books, articles, blogs, videos, documentaries that you referred to in your post. I can't find any reputable research conclusively proving a patients symptoms are from their amalgams. Please keep in mind, random posts from patients who have self diagnosed their ailments isn't necessarily good empirical evidence. UFO blogs, posts, videos come to mind. As far as the WHO is concerned, it can be concluded that many European countries fell victim to a political movement, not a scientific movement or revelation. Major reviews by the FDA, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Public health service have confirmed the safety of amalgam. Major consumer and patient advocacy organizations—including Consumers Union, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Association—have concluded that there is no association between amalgam and human illness. Toxicity is always related to dose.

I'm sure there is some opinion that dentists or the dental industry is trying to hide the fact that amalgam is harmful. This is simply unfounded. This isn't cigarette manufacturers or pharmaceutical industries trying to protect their livelihood. If amalgam was proven harmful, dentists and dental product manufacturers have the most to gain. Amalgam alternatives, such as composite and porcelain restorations (such as Cerec) are better treatment options but considerably more expensive to place. They are better because they actually bond to the tooth structure, which is not the case with amalgams. Again, look at the research. Amalgam is disappearing from dentistry. I guess we will have the benefit to study future generations and see if the reported incidence of various health concerns, like scurvy, disappear as well. At this point, to assume amalgams are the cause of a whole host of unrelated ailments is scientifically irresponsible.

I sincerely wish you luck with your quest to find the cause of your health issues. I just don't think the answer lies in 2 amalgam filled teeth. Will your dentist retest your hair in 6 months to see if your toxicity levels are changed? I would demand it! The only thing you have to lose is money and potential tooth problems down the road from having additional procedures performed.

Good luck

Hi realscientist,
Thanks for your response.
Since some of your reply was directed at my response to your original comments, I'll address those points.
Your confidence that the published scientific research on the possible toxic effects of mercury amalgam demonstrates that there are no harmful effects is somewhat misplaced. What it demonstrates is that the research that has been published did not find any evidence of harmful effects - but whether that was all there was to find depends on the research design, methodology, and so on. In other words, if you aren't looking for something, you won't find it. The quality of the statistical analysis is also crucial.
My own experience at the hands of the medical and dental professions (during which I have been misdiagnosed on numerous occasions, given appallingly bad advice, inaccurate (blatantly inaccurate) prognoses, and so on, all in the name of 'science' and supposedly based on the body of evidence derived from scientific research, has resulted in my being very skeptical about any claims concerning scientific research 'finding no evidence' being used to justify the inference 'therefore does not exist'. Science has been wrong about many things in the past, some of them being treated as 'certain knowledge' which have subsequently been found to be erroneous.
My point about Professor Sir Richard Doll's research into smoking being the cause of lung cancer was about how difficult it was to establish the link prior to his research, and it took many decades and a very large sample size (10,000 people or more) to demonstrate the statistical connection. NO such study, so far as I am aware, has been carried out with amalgam. It may turn out that such a study would reveal such a connection.
Anecdotal reports from people whose health has improved following amalgam removal does not constitute scientific research, obviously, but for the people concerned it is evidence enough for them to attribute a connection, even if they don't understand the processes involved. And there are many, many such reports (my own included) where medical science had nothing to offer for very serious symptoms (mine included heart arrythmia, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems and a host of other issues) all of which improved and eventually resolved themselves, with no medical explanation offered whatever. Make of that what you will, but I'm sticking to the view that the mercury in the amalgam is a strong contender for what happened to me!
As for the WHO, EU, etc., falling victim to political pressures, you may be right. The EU environmental advisory committee is advising the banning of amalgam on the grounds of environmental concerns (not human health) because the levels of mercury vapour released into the air from crematoria is apparently getting into the eco-system and having detrimental effects on wildlife, most of whom have it in their body-chemistry for considerably less time than humans (because they don't live as long).
Humans alone amongst all the life forms, it would appear, have this marvelous capacity to have mercury put into their body with no ill effects whatsoever!!!
And you wonder why people don't trust 'science'.....
The 'precautionary principle' alone should be enough to prompt caution in making any claims that putting mercury amalgam into the human body was harmless. And, by the way, you did not respond to my point that the mercury is not chemically bound in the amalgam but is simple physical mixture, it is not even an alloy.
It may be that the effect is not one of toxicity but of sensitivity - which would produce a completely different pattern of incidence and much more varied symptomatology. More research is needed, but with so many people in the amalgam industry saying amalgam is not harmful, and so many believers in 'science' saying there's no evidence, there's little likelihood that such research will be carried out. Complacency is a wonderful thing, especially when it is exercised on behalf of others.
But hey, if you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't absorb the stuff (and some people appear to be far more sensitive than others...) than that's all right then.
Best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

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Very interesting post. I'm currently suffering with many ailments which i think may be contributed too by my fillings. I have 2 'silver' fillings. I remember having them done 5 years ago and i was not told what was in them. There is a company called silverfildental that offer and produce excess mercury free amalgams. My friend said she had all of hers done with this material and it is scientifically proven to not leak mercury. Please see their website. I have no idea if mine are 'NHS cr@p silver' or this fancy stuff she had. Would anyone know how you would find this out before paying loads to have them replaced? I presume mine are not the ones she had because i was never health conscious when i had mine fitted so im sure mercury is in there.
I have found sutcliffe dental surgary in manchester, england. He seems to be my nearest dentist to go too. Anyone know him or used him?

Visited sutcliffe dentistry today. Met daniel sutcliffe. Very nice chap. He actually lectures at seminars and talks on the dangers of amalgam fillings. I can have mine replaced at a cost of £250 plus a £40 for a good hygeine clean. I have sent off to Biolab in london for a hair mineral toxicity test to find out my levels and then i'm booking in to have them out.
I also found out through my NHS practice that my fillings were definately mercury alloy mixed. Ar**holes.

Please have a look at his site. There is a lot of interesting information on what he does and his passion behind why he thinks we should all have them removed, replaced and never fitted again. Nice sales pitch huh?

Hi jonnyenglish88,
Glad to hear that you are making progress and have found a dentist who you believe in. I thought I'd responded to your earlier post - but it must have gone astray...or my memory is playing tricks on me. My apologies for this - please be assured I'm not ignoring you!
I hope that when you've had your amalgam fillings replaced your health issues resolve themselves - only time will tell.
Best wishes and good luck!
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Mercury Survivor,

So glad to hear of your health turn-around! Probably your vegan diet acts as more culinary medicine to aid in healing. Good choice!

I am not sure what to call myself in regards to mercury, for I feel that having my mercury fillings removed was what added to the degradation of my health starting about 5 years ago. I don't think the dentist used enough safety measures to prevent inhalation of mercury vapors, and I have dealt with depression, increased allergies and chemical sensitivities, signs of liver distress, visual, neurological, and cardiac problems. I don't know know if mercury has played a part in causing or worsening these conditions, but I am on a mission to find out! Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish you and your wife the best of health.

Hi lightchaser66,
Thanks for your comment and appreciation - and sorry to hear that having your mercury fillings did not result in the improvement you'd hoped for. Your description of your symptoms is consistent with mercury sensitivity, and my understanding of the pathology (as an amateur) is that ingesting mercury during the removal of amalgam fillings can give rise to the symptoms you describe.
Good luck with your mission to discover exactly what is going on with your health - there's a lot of detective work you can do and I wish you well with it. If you feel able to share news of your progress I'd like to hear how you get on.
Best wishes and kind regards,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi EmmaMum,
Thanks for posting your story - and good luck with resolving your fertility issues. As you had the mercury fillings for so short a time the chances are the pathological changes will be fully reversible. I had mercury in my body for over forty years and have recovered almost fully (so far as I can tell - obviously scientific controls for comparison are not available). The human body loses mercury naturally (although at a very slow rate) so the amount you have left inside your body tissues will reduce even if you do nothing about it. If you want to speed it up try a natural chelating agent. I found that coriander (cilantro) suited me, but there are algal tablets and also clay preparations available, and there may be more. You can find info on the web.
Good luck and best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I believe I was mercury poisoned too about 3 years ago. I just had my first mercury filling at the age of 27,a month before my wedding n got pregnant the very month I was married. Unfortunately my pregnancy was a difficult one and I had a stillborn at 8 months as the baby stopped growing at 5months gestation. I've always had this metallic taste and bad breath ever since my filling was done. Somehow a year after my stillborn case, I realized something is just not right about my mouth as I felt its always giving me foul breath (there was no decay) and it tasted like metal all the time,so I had it removed n replaced by white fillings n guess what ? The bad breath disappeared and so was the metal taste. I began to research about this "black fillings" and realized for Christ sake,I've gotten the filling at the worst possible timing which probably affected my fetus in the first place! I've myself to grief upon for my pure bad luck. It's been a year and a half since I removed the filling,hoping to feel better as time pass and hopefully I manage to restore my fertility (although I got pregnant the very first try when I got married, I was diagnosed with PCO and annovulation after my stillborn,doctors diagnosed with me infertility due to failed attempts using assisted fertility method like IUI & clomid and traditional Chinese medications).

I have about 7 or 8 mercury fillings and want them out,but my parents are hard to convince unless they see that it really is affecting me(something visual).Help!Any suggestions? I have done some lengthy research and I know that it could be affecting me.

Hi Healthyliving101,
So far as I am aware there are no diagnostic tests specific to amalgam illness. There are chelation tests available at private clinics, but these are very expensive and carry associated risks of adverse reaction to the powerful chelating agents that are used. Even than they cannot reveal for certain that the cause of your symptoms is the mercury in your fillings.
You could try hair analysis - raised levels of mercury in the body may be reflected in the deposition of mercury in the hair. If you google 'hair analysis' you should be able to find someone who offers this service (all you do is send in a hair sample). Again, all this shows is that your body has raised levels of mercury, not where it is deposited.
But, if your levels are raised, and you have amalgam fillings, the most likely origin of the mercury in other body tissues is your fillings (mercury does not occur naturally in the human body except through contamination from external sources).
As to convincing your parents, I suggest searching the internet for everything you can find on 'amalgam illness' and 'chronic mercury toxicity' (there's lots out there!) and then try to relate what you discover with whatever signs and symptoms you have detected in yourself.
Please be aware that some of the signs and symptoms you may experience may have causes other than the mercury in your fillings.
Probably the best approach is to view your condition in terms of a 'symptom cluster' as the range of possible symptoms of amalgam illness is wide and some of them can seem apparently unrelated. The symptoms can also be quite subtle yet adversely affect your quality of life and general functioning, so even if your symptoms are not severe it is worth doing something about resolving them, purely on the basis that your entire life will be affected negatively by them, so getting rid of them can only improve things.
Best wishes and good luck - please let me know how you get on.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you so much for writing that. I am at the beginning of my journey of finally discovering this is a problem for me, and am trying to find the hope to move forward. I will be having my fillings out soon, which I am quite nervous about and also the fall out after, but I thank you greatly for sharing your storing. It give others like me a little bit more courage to keep fighting. Thank you so much.

Thanks for your appreciation, spunks - it's good to know that my efforts are worthwhile! Best wishes and good luck.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi all. This is a really interesting thread; thanks for the responses so far.

I have only got one mercury amalgam, but I still believe it could be the cause of some of my problems (chiefly a very entrenched systemic candida overgrowth that I can't get rid of). I am set on taking it out, but I'm really struggling to find a UK (ideally London)-based dentist who I can trust to do a good job.

Does anyone here have a suggestion of a dentist that I could undertake the procedure with?

Hi FranzFan,
Thanks for your comment. If you google 'list holistic dentists UK' you'll get loads of interesting things come up, and you can narrow the search from there. Sorry that I can't help with individual recommendations - I live in Bristol!
I have read that chronic Candida efflorescence may be associated with amalgam illness, as can chronic yeast colonisation of the lungs. The latter I treated myself for many years ago, with some success, the symptoms finally disappeared after I'd had all the mercury removed.
Best wishes and good luck.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I am writing from US, to offer the name of an excellent dentist, in Mexico, even though this is far from many of you. I had all my fillings removed by Dr. Ezekiel Lagos, in Tijuana, Mexico. He was recommended to me by Dr Hal Huggins, who trained him.
Why did I go to Mexico? Because of the cost. I had 9 fillings removed. Including airfare (2 trips) it cost me under $2000USD. In the US, I was quoted $9000-15,000USD.
The care I received under Dr Lagos was fantastic. I highly recommend you get your fillings removed. Many things in my life changed. The first day after they came out, 3 major things happened: Constipation went away, never to return. I was able to sleep through the night and have continued to do so (3 years later). My libido returned after being missing in action for many years. Best of luck to all of you.

Hi Chantally,
It's great to hear your story - and thanks for your recommendation. I've heard so many people say that having their amalgam fillings changed for non-toxic ones has transformed their lives for the better that when I hear doctors and dentists say that this is all anecdotal and there's no scientific evidence I struggle not to laugh at them. One day I suspect there will be evidence available that is accepted by the scientific community, and then they will change their tune. In the meantime those of us who have suffered and found our own solution are dismissed as cranks. Still, it's great to hear another good news story!
Best wishes and good luck,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

I am not sure i have mercury toxicity but I have strong suspicions that it might be having an effect on my mental and emotional state with physical symptoms like acne and spots on my
back.I am very aware of the the health scene but I feel stuck because have like yourself
been out of work and on support for some extensive period of time nearly 20yrs on
incapacity benefits and I shudder at the money that is charged by dentist to have them removed correct me if iam wrong but £300 per tooth ?who can afford that.?
It would be appreciated if you have undergone treatment to give an idea of cost by your
sympathetic dentist.Ironically I have a dead tooth in one of my wisdom teeth also like some
of your other contributors.Holistically Root Canals can be very dangerous as they reflex to
organs in the body depending on the tooth and insisting on having the tooth removed may
make good sense providing you get a bridge or something to replace it.But if you go to or similar sites they are very clear that heart attacks have originated from
root canals.
Dentistry is a money game and needs to be reformed and is a very big political hot
potato but seems like it's the 'elephant in the room' that is being ignored by the wider
media...please speak out if you get the chance

Hi georgiegent,
Thanks for your comment. You're right, dentistry is about money, and NHS dentistry is a political issue. None of the political parties wants to be landed with the fall-out from any admission that mercury in fillings is toxic. Neither do the professional bodies or insurers. So, no-one will go on record about it. Amalgam illness can take the form of psychological changes, so it's possible your emotional state is being affected. I had lots of psychological effects - irritability, poor concentration, mood changes, and so on. All gone now (well, I still get a little irritable at times....but that's probably normal). As to the cost - I don't know of any way of getting mercury fillings replaced with non-toxic ones on the NHS. There might be a way, but I don't know of it. You could try raising the issue with your dentist and your GP. My guess is they'll not be able to offer anything. In my case, my wife and I paid for it out of our savings (when we still had some). The EU is going to have a vote on banning amalgam next year, but even if they do vote for it the ban won't come into effect until around 2018. Sorry I can't be more helpful on this - amalgam illness is almost totally ignored in the media and in academia. Keep searching for dentist whose charges are more reasonable - and don't give up hope.
Best wishes and good luck.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi Melonsss702,
Thanks for your comments - it's good to learn that my story has been of help to you. Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having. From what you say it is quite possible that amalgam illness is at least a causal factor in the pattern of symptoms you've experienced. If you do have your mercury fillings removed please bear in mind that you are unlikely to experience a marked improvement for some time (may be 6 months). This is because there will still be mercury deposits in your body tissues (particularly brain, lungs, and gastro-intestinal tract) and this will be lost from the body only very slowly by your body's natural physiological processes. You can speed this up by taking natural chelating agents - coriander (cilantro) worked well for me, and there are algal tablets and clay treatments available.
I hope things go well for you, please let me know how you get on.
Best wishes and good luck,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Just a quick update - I haven't forgotten to put those details from the book I mentioned on the blog but have been away from home without the book and am still away working until the end of the week. It will be done - I just didn't get a chance to do it when I thought I would!!

That iis AWESOME that you shared thiis & I came across iit readiing about these "Fiilliings" bcuz mii tooth last niight I have one upper left molar that has ALOT of siilver fiiliin Ive had 4 YEARS well the tooth came off and I looked iin the miirror liike WTF? All I see now iis mii fiilliing and I beliieve I have 2 more teeth that have the "Mercury" fiilliin....Mii poiint iis I have been "Siick" 4 years also and the Drs have drawn so much blood from me they diiagnosed ME wiit IBS(iiriitable Bowel Syndrome) BS!!! The ONLY thiing I have done BAD iin mii liife was driink Pepsii for 26 years but STOPPED 2 years ago and mii symptoms some days are horriible just feel stomach siikk iintestiines and all liike sumthiin iis reekiing havoc on mii body....iim 41 I do NOT driink,smoke or do ANY drugs NEVER have & NEVER wiill but I wiill be honest and say I dont always make sure those teeth are brushed GOOD but eviidently THAT wouldnt of mattered iim sure the tooth wuld of fell apart regardless......Iim scared 2 death of the dentiist but I go tuesday & he wiill remove the fiilliing and TEMP crown iit bcuz I get Ins iin Jan so I WIILL go and have mii iPad or sumthiin liisten 2 musiic so iim NOT so scared of hiim bcuz hes a kool dentiist but wen U tell them "iim scared" iits liike they DONT beliieve U but thiis dentiist iis NEW and the ONE thiing he saiid 2 ME that made me trust hiim iis he told me "IF anythiing hurts U raiise your hand I wiill stop" =))))) iim glad you are feeliing better "MercurySurviivor" I have had these fiilliing siince I was liike maybe 18 so 23 years bcuz I diidnt kno about "Mercury" poiison untiil I started mii nursiing school so I hope I atleast feel better bcuz WE know our bodiies BEST and for mii GUT 2 be SO upset iis un canniing now I take Culturelle and iit has REALLY helped mii belly so iim hopiing on tuesday when the fiilliing are removed I wiil be bakk 2 mii old feeling GREAT self.....NO headaches or none of that just belly iissues really but thats enough for ME bcuz iif I would of been as siikk as U were I would of probably commiited suiiciide so there iis hope NOW TY!!!!!! Happy Holiidays I wiish U the BEST!!!!!

Having read the last few posts just thought I'd mention a reallly good book I've read called Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia. The author (and ex dentist) suffered from mercury poisoning and has given very clear protocols for pre and post amagam removal with very sound scientific explanations for why it is so critical to do things in the right order - if you don't do things at the right time you can do more harm thhan good.

Thanks liz54 - I hadn't heard of this book, I'll check it out. I wonder how many people who suffer from these three conditions (sufferers probably number into the millions) are actually mercury poisoning victims. Until the people who have the power to change the way the science is done are prepared to alter their approach, we'll never know ('if you don't look, you don't find' is as true in science as in any other form of inquiry!).
Best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi Paul - there is lots of evidence to suggest that all disease is caused by either microorganisms and/or toxicity, up to and including the big ones like cancer. The book is not just about ME etc and although I've got to go out now I will post an abridged version of the protocol for before and after amalgams and the names of another couple of excellent books I've read later on tonight. I did a massive post last night detailing all of this but managed to lose it and couldn't face doing it all again! Agree with what you say about those in power but they are very unlikely to change their approach. The NHS would be bankrupt if it admitted the dangers of mercury, so it's up to the rest of us to get the word out....Be back later

Hi Kasbasy,
Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to learn of the symptoms you've been experiencing.
A reduction in mental functioning is characteristic of chronic mercury poisoning, and chronic fatigue is also a symptom. Many people refer to it as 'brain fog' as it is so difficult to concentrate on anything or to remember things. 16 fillings is a lot to have in your mouth, and if they're all amalgam then it's wise to consider having them changed. The simple blood test for mercury is worse than useless, so I should not take much notice of that. Tests of hair samples are more reliable. There are sophisticated blood tests available (not on the NHS - if you're UK-based) but those will be very expensive and there are associated risks involved as the chelating chemicals used are very powerful. I suggest you only consider these after consulting expert medical advice. If you look back over the messages posted here you'll find lots of advice on where to search for info, including websites. There's lots out there. As to the prospects of recovery once the mercury is removed, obviously this hinges on whether it is the mercury that is causing your symptoms, but if it is then the outlook is good since any residual mercury in your body tissues will be passed out of the body by natural means, but at a very low rate. Recovery can be speeded up by using chelating drugs under medical supervision (see caveat above) or natural chelating methods. I used coriander (cilantro), there's also algal tablets, clay tablets, clay wraps, and a host of other methods advertised (I can't vouch for these but some people find them very helpful). I'm about 8 years post-mercury now and doing fine, most of the improvement occurred between 6 and 12 months after my fillings were changed. Now it's subtle things I notice - in the past 6 months or so I've completely lost the sensitivity to bright light that I'd developed when I was very ill with the mercury. So my advice is don't be misled by the results of a simple blood test, consult the specialist you've found and get hair samples tested, and he/she might suggest additional tests that would be useful. If you decide to go ahead and have your fillings changed find a dentist experienced in working with amalgam illness sufferers who knows the right precautions to take to prevent you absorbing even more mercury during the removal, and who will do it in stages. Let me know how you get on.
Hope all this helps, best wishes and good luck.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi all i read your story mercury survivor and i feel same too.But the most thing syptomns that make me upset is that i become dementia like person and chronic fatigue .My life is not normal i read a lot about mercury filling poisoning latley i still have 16 filling in my mouth i did an blood test and show 7 which my ddoctor said is normal,and i will go to see an specialist doctor who deal with mercury poisoning any info would help.But i wounder will my congnitive function will be as it was before?And do you think its mercruy filling faults?

Hey Paul,

Question: when you had your mercury replaced, what material was used to fill your teeth?

My dentist has offered a material which has about 10% fluoride and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Hi Laura,
I seem to remember it was white ceramic material - no mention was made of flouride - I would have declined if that were the case.
A small percentage of the population are allergic or sensitive in some way to flouride (there's lots of material on the web about this, it's a few years since I last searched on this so I can't remember which sites are best) and if you happen to be one of these, then you face the prospect of potentially serious ill-health whilst you wait to get the fillings changed again! I have no idea about the risk (if any) of developing allergy/sensitivity to fluoride following initial successful exposure but there are certainly cases of people who develop allergies/sensitivities to other things later in life where previously there wasn't (or didn't appear to be) a problem. You may like to consider these issues very carefully when making your decision.
It is so easy and cheap to obtain flouride toothpaste that if you still want to have flouride in your teeth you can do so, whilst retaining the option of stopping it if you feel the need.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes,

Hi Laura,
I'm pleased to hear of the progress you've made, and very interested to hear the advice you've been given. From a logical analysis, it would appear rather pointless having detox (that's assuming that it has any beneficial effect - I don't know one way or another) before you have the mercury removed, since if the main source of the mercury toxicity is the transfer of mercury from the teeth into the body tissues (from what I understand the first place it's transferred to is the lungs) then what you've removed from the body tissues through detox will be replaced again. Therefore, if you go through detox before you have the mercury removed you may well enjoy some benefit, but this will be reversed by the continuing transfer of mercury from the teeth to the lungs - i.e., the levels of mercury will build up again because the primary source has not been removed. Unless the people recommending the detox can provide cogent arguments that the detox in some way significantly reduces the amount of mercury in the teeth as well (which is extremely unlikely) then any beneficial effect of having the detox before mercury removal will be temporary and possibly of only short duration.
This analysis is offered on the basis of my expertise as a former academic philosopher (and hence trained in logical reasoning and analysis), and much depends upon what scientific support there is for the evidential basis of the claims being made.
However, my suggestion is that you consider the relative likely benefits accruing from each approach - first, detox initially then mercury removal; second, mercury removal initially, then detox (there is a third alternative of course - have the detox both before and after, but that doesn't impact on the issues here).
If having the detox first will significantly delay the removal of the mercury in your teeth, then you need to ask the detox person what evidence they can offer that supports the claim that having detox initially will offer greater short and/or long term benefits than having the mercury removed initially.
On the face of it, logic analysis suggests that having the mercury amalgam removed first will bring the greater benefit. There may be reasons that do not appear here for arguing that having detox first will increase this benefit in some way, but the crucial point appears to be whether this would result in a delay in getting the primary source (the amalgam) removed, and hence delay the health improvement that will be consequent upon this.
I hope this is helpful to you - please let us know how you get on.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you so much!

That was really helpful. My mercury free dentist spoke to the alternative doc and they both agreed that removal should be done prior to the detox.

All this is going to be so costly :(. The joys of mercury fillings!

Keep you guys updated...

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is well here.

I have a few questions, as stated below, the homeopath I visited yesterday told me to detox before I go for my mercury removal but dentists are telling me to get the mercury out before then detox.

So I'm left confused. What do you guys think is safer for my health?

Thanks in advance

Hey guys, just thought I'd update everyone here.
Just got home from the alternative doc who checked my mercury levels and found that I have high levels of mercury which is causing all my symptoms. It's supposed to be 2 but mine is 11.

So I'll be going on a detox for a month and then having the mercury replaced. Turns out my root canal has the most level of mercury (he called it my trouble tooth). It's connected to my lungs and therefore explains my breathing issues.

After the detox, I'll be having the remaining mercury replaced and that should bring me toxic level down to just about normal.

Hope that helps anyone. Any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

Hi Laura1112,
That's really good news - I hope you are feeling much better soon.
Best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hello readers.I have been doing a lot of research and rang around a lot of mercury free dentists today and one kind lady directed me to "The London Clinic for Alternative and Complementary Medicine"So I ended up calling him before looking through the website. He's trying to fit me in for tomorrow. He uses non-invasion techniques to figure out problems with your health and the levels of mercury in your body. I'm prayerful that I get to see him tomorrow so I can confirm mercury in my system.I just wanted to let everyone here know, there are options. When you are sick and you know something isn't right, you need to follow your instincts and don't let anyone think you are crazy because you are not! The general docs and dentists may mean well for the public but this isn't enough because they only treat the symptoms not the root. Please look after your health and do your own research before you let anyone fiddle with your health. I've learned my lesson and once I have my health back, I will do a lot more to raise awareness so I can help others as much as I can. Thank you all

Oops a few typos in that one - eg breasty cancer. Sure you know what I mean!

This is a general post and a response to Laura1112. I have had all my amalgams replaced although the first one gave me some issues - cold sensitivity being the main one. The other three - done by a different dentist - were fine and he is going to re-do the first one. Have noticed that as well as the metallic taste going, sinus pain is gone and my lower back pain of several years is getting better all the time. my feelgood factor has been somewhat muddied by a vila cold/virus, so will know more about my general health when this abates (maybe it's connected - like a sort of detox reaction??).

Anyway, the next bit is a response to Laura's post. Root canals are vile things. No matter what any dentist says you should get that tooth removed by a GOOD holistic dentist, who will also remove the ligaments properly so you don't get cavitation problems. Have a look at Weston Price's work and the scary connection between root canals and breasty cancer if you want any more motivation. As you say, you know it's got something to do with that procedure. Follow your instincts - I wish I had followed mine sooner but I put up with 12 years of deteriorating health instead. The best holistic dentist I have come across so far is John Roberts at Cote Royd practice near Huddersfield (are you in the UK?). Not cheap, but you can't put a price on your health.

As far as recovery goes, as well as the detox/chaletion procedures outlined here and elsewhere, I would read a book called @Earthing' and get a bed sheet. Over time it really makes a difference to anyone who is compromised (or not) and is particularly good for inflammation.

Hope that helps and good luck with it all


Thank you so much for your help.

In a sense I feel blessed because I can pin point what went wrong and I can confidently say that it was after dental work. I never ha acne before, never weight 48kg and hair loss is another story. There are so many things wrong with me. I cry everyday from just looking at myself.

I've read a lot about Dr Westons work and Dr Huggins. I have an appt booked with a holistic dentist "David harvie Austin" in central London, for an evaluation.
I had another holistic dentist look at my case and refused to extract the root canaled tooth. After paying so much I have very disappointed!.

As I mentioned I also have tons of silver fillings which I also hope to replace. Once all this is over, I hope to raise awareness so people don't suffer from the horrendous ordeal any longer. I feel as if the government are deliberately trying to kill us!

My root canal is now becoming dark and painful. I feel numbness on my lips and cheek and wondered what was wrong with me. My face flushing with slight touch. It's all just so abnormal!

How are you feeling now?

Oh and I am in the Uk, I like in London so that's really far from me I think?. I've found few in the city.

There's one dentist who's also posted some videos on YouTube.

I think his youtube name is hesham el asaway. Check the videos he's posted there.

Hi again

Yes, Hudderfield is not very close to you! i have been to a dentist in Bournemouth, one is Bristol and finally this last one. It's quite a long way for me, too, but after all those years of putting up with really inferior/damaging work on my teeth I want to be absolutely sure I go to the right dentist. When I discovered I had a cavitation I wanted it treated so badly I almost considered going to Mexico :) So I know how desperate you can get when your health is badly on the blink! Towards the time I had it done my blood was so thick and I had chest pains so badly I really thought I was going to die. Anyhow, the good news is that after the cavitation surgery the relief was almost instant and you should be the same after you get that root canal removed properly. Unlike mercury removal, it is instant relief as the bacterial focus is removed from your body. Tricky to say re the mercury at the mo, but the signs are all good and I am very relieved that I've had it done. It just felt like the right thing and I felt 'lighter' immediately after the removal. From everything I've read it seems to be a slow but sure process where you look back and realise you haven't had a certain problem/symptom for a few weeks/months and it's different from person to person. But I would recommend anyone to do it. I will check out your dentist and let you know what I think in the next day or so. As long as he removes the ligaments from the root-canalled tooth, knows about cavitations and the like and follows the appropriate protocol for mercury removal you'll be fine, I'm sure. I need to be a bit more thorough about chelating the mercury out but as I said, I've noticed a massive reduction in sinus pain, lower back pain, energy level (aside from this wrethched cold which is dragging me down a bit) and a strong desire to get back to exercising (once the cold's gone) plus a generally calmer and more optimistic feeling. Not bad considering it's only been a few weeks! By the sounds of your symptoms I would say the sooner the better for you. Keep us posted!!

Thank you so much.

Here's the website of the dentist I'm going to:

Google search:

I'll look forward to your thoughts. Thank you once again.

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Hi Laura1112,
Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm not a medical doctor or dentist, and I'm not aware of root canal work being a precipitating factor in triggering the sudden onset of mercury toxicity - but that doesn't mean it didn't happen that way. If there was any old amalgam in the tooth that was disturbed and absorbed into your body then it is quite possible that what you describe was set off by the root canal work. Your symptomatology is consistent with chronic mercury toxicity - although so far as I can make out from my searches through the literature a dead root canal that is hiding infection and/or enflammation may also trigger some of the symptoms you describe. You will no doubt have read my responses to other people who've posted on here - my advice is never give up hope and focus on finding a way forward. A sympathetic holistic dentist would be a good start - consult your local dental surgeries, they can usually recommend someone, and there's the internet to search. If you can't find a holistic dentist to take out the root canal, you may want to use a non-holistic dentist for that purpose - if it's want you desperately want then it is worth searching until you find someone who will do it, and who will do it properly. But above all, never give up hope - I went from being a physical wreck who looked ten years older than my actual age, and since I had all my mercury amalgam fillings changed I've 'youthed' and now feel great and look much younger than my actual age (even my wife agrees, so it's not just vanity on my part!). My GP has no explanation for this - but I do: it was the mercury that was making me ill. Best wishes and let me know how you get on.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Thank you for your story,

I had a root canal done about a year ago and the same day of treatment I developed some type of a skin infection, I thought it was acne and dealt with it like that however it seemed different. As time went by I developed allergies, anxiety and body aches, nose congestion, blurred eyes, skin rashes... I can go on...

I went to so many dentists once I realised its related because I had no such problem before that. The same dentist also changed some of my metal fillings without protecting me from the vapours.

I also went to a holistic dentist who first agreed to extract my root canal as its practically a dead tooth that degrading my immune system. Then after consultation he refused because he didn't think it was the root canal causing these issues but as I always say (I know my body better than any doc or dentist).

I'm still in search for a holistic dentist who will take these out for me and changed my silver fillings (I have 5 or so).

My GP said I have high ESR levels (inflammation) in the body and it may be caused by the root canal treatment but that all. I know it's something to do with my teeth. I feel so hopeless when I look at myself now. From being so healthy and happy to what this is doing to me.

Thanks everyone

i am suffering as i write from what i believe to be mercury poison from my fillings.
interesting i made 2 appointments with a holistic dentist & when it was time for the work to be done,the dentist refused because my blood pressure was high.
right now my health is getting experiencing metalic taste in my mouth, nervousness, severe head aches,twitching of my eyes,essessive saliva & sleepless nights.
currently i am still seeking a holistic dentist who will safely remove these toxic fillings:(

Hi shythed,
Sorry to hear that you've been having these problems - on the face of it I'd say there's a high probability your symptoms are the result of chronic mercury toxicity.
If you've read the other posts on here and my replies you'll already know that the issues are far from straightforward. If your blood pressure is high enough to prompt a dentist to refuse you treatment, I suggest that you see your GP (family physician if you're in the US) and discuss what can be done to bring your blood pressure down. I had high blood pressure (I believe due to the mercury) and ended up being prescribed medication, which brought it down a little - but within two years of having all the mercury removed my blood pressure had fallen to below the average for my age-group, where it's stayed. Unfortunately, the risks of stopping the blood-pressure treatment outweigh the risks of staying on it, so I'm on the tablets for life. You may end up in the same situation, but if this is what it takes to get your mercury amalgam fillings removed, it is worth serious consideration. You may find, though, that your high blood pressure at the time of treatment is due to stress, and that regular monitoring indicates you do not have an underlying problem - if this is the case, then what you can do is to explore ways of bringing your stress levels down. Again, something to discuss with your doctor, and there's loads of information on this on the internet.
As for finding a holistic dentist, again, an internet search is probably the place to start, and asking at your local dental practices - they will probably know who the local holistic dentists are.
Keep telling yourself there is a way out of this - it's important to be positive and keep searching for possible ways forward. Lots of people (including myself) have come through this and found that we are stronger and better people as a result, and you can do it too.
Best wishes and keep me posted.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

My Tinnitus has become worse recently, I am hoping that recedes a bit, not been doing the Chelation due to it making me worse, but now I will start it again, will keep you posted, thanks again mate :-)

Hi Mark, <br />
Good to hear that the last of them are gone - but don't expect any immediate or dramatic improvement apart from the obvious (losing the metallic taste, tingling teeth, sinus inflammation). <br />
I have been expecting the EU announcement for some time - really good news at last!<br />
The delay in imposing the ban will enable the amalgam industry to gear up to produce other profit-making items (white ceramic fillings, anyone?), and the lack of a specific condemnation of amalgam for general use on human health grounds enables the dental and medical professions to save face. But as soon as the ban comes into force the industry will be only to keen to see research published advising everyone to replace the amalgam with their new product - no limit to their hypocrisy. <br />
I'm really glad to hear that you are now amalgam-free - now is the time to step up the cilantro (coriander) intake!<br />
Best wishes,<br />

Yippee just had remaining teeth out this afternoon, managed to get an earlier appointment, god I was very anxious, but all went well, lets just hope this was the problem, I am pretty sure it was, no more waking with the taste of coins in my mouth, I will keep you posted, the Novocaine is starting to work off :-)

Just seen this on a health website, cat amongst the pigeons jumps to mind :-)<br />
<br />
Amalgam fillings face ban across Europe<br />
03 September 2012<br />
Amalgam dental fillings – which contain mercury – are expected to be phased out across Europe in the next few years.<br />
The European Parliament is likely to opt for a complete ban by 2013, which will come into affect by 2018, following a damning report by a European Commission agency.<br />
Although the Bio-Intelligence Service (BIS) is recommending the ban primarily on environmental grounds, it has highlighted a range of health problems the fillings cause. These range from allergies, neurological diseases, kidney diseases, autism, autoimmune diseases and birth defects. Pregnant women and children are especially susceptible to amalgam’s health threats, it says. <br />
Despite the levels of mercury in fish we eat and in the enviornment, dental amalgam is “by far the main source” of our total mercury load, the report’s authors continue. <br />
Its conclusions are a severe embarrassment to dental groups such as the British Dental Association which for years has maintained that amalgam fillings are safe.<br />
Despite its assurances, Sweden and Denmark introduced a blanket ban on the use of dental amalgam in 2008, while Austrian and German dentists do not use it in children, pregnant women and people with kidney problems. Norway, not an EU member state, also banned it in 2008.<br />
(Source: Study on the Potential for Reducing Mercury Pollution from Dental Amalgam and Batteries, European Commission Bio-Intelligence Service, July 2012).

Very interesting post - sorry to hear of everyone's health issues and glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I am pretty sure that I have issues with mercury toxicity - not as bad as some, but enough for me to want to get it out of my mouth! My worst health problems came right after an extraction and it turned out the extraction site never healed up and I had a jaw bone infection (cavitation) It took 12 years to find out that this was definitely causing most of my health issues and at the end I felt as if my health was just nose-diving off a cliff, no matter how careful I was with diet etc. But glad to say that since it's been treated I have bounced back a fair bit. Having got a lot more interested in all things dental as a result, I can identify with many mercury toxicity symptoms which I have just sort of lived with. I am having one big one taken out on September 6th (also an old drill bit em<x>bedded in that one, apparently! That must have been there for years. No wondfer I have a strong metallic taste in that area and the tooth tingles!) For the record, I have bad lower back pain, blurry vision, kidney problems, varicose veins, hypothyroidism, oedema in lower legs (I sound like a real cath!! :)) Well hopefully I'll be a little more glam and lively after things have levelled out following the removal (which is being done by a 'mercury safe' dentist in Poole. The other three fillings will be replaced asap after that. Now I just want to be firing on all cylinders after having to put a cheery face on feeling shite for so long!! Will keep you posted

Hi<br />
I had 8 fillings and one of them was rather big at the back. my skin around my face was turning grey and full of spots and i felt like ripping my face off.<br />
My thoughts felt fuzzy and i felt strange movement in my brain as if moving twitching<br />
always tired very moody no interest in anything/bones killed legs back<br />
i went to a dentist and they say the same thing that its not bad. So i went to some one who would take them out. i have had five of them taken out and i do feel lighter not so much fog in my head. I am detoxing as we speak.<br />
<br />
Please HAVE THEM Taken Out ur mouth if you can if u are also suffering.<br />
<br />
Take care everyone please inform ur loved ones and friends xoxox Peace

Not having my remaining top teeth until the 21st of Sept, even though the Hospital faxed the Dentists explaining they believe I suffer from a rare case of Hypersensitivity to Metals (Mercury in other words), nearly there.<br />
My Doctor was just about to have me possibly sectioned under the mental health act, because he thinks I am not thinking straight and was worried I was having my teeth extracted for no reason, as he still believes it is not Mercury, he still does not agree, even though the hospital have sent their Diagnosis, bloody Doctors, if they had listened to me 14 years ago and stopped thinking I was a Hypochondriac I might not be this ill, I am fuming now!!!

Hi Mark,
Apologies for the delay in replying to your posts - my computer probs are now sorted at long last! Sounds as if you are getting there at last with convincing the medics you do have a genuine problem. I've been very lucky with my GPs over the years - only one out of four in the past twenty years has been the sort you hope never to have to trust with your health! The others have been fine, and the one I have had (and still have) throughout the process of sorting out my mercury problems has been totally supportive.
Medical doctors are just as prone to pre- and mis-conceptions as anyone else, but they are better than most other people at disguising the fact!
Glad to hear that you are doing all right with the coriander - I eat lots of it even now.
Your trouble with the computer screen is a classic - it happened to me also, couldn't figure out what was going wrong with my eyes. In the late 1980s an ophthalmic optician reckoned my difficulties (images, symbols etc., on the screen dancing all over the place, going in and out of focus) was due to an untreated squint from childhood; unfortunately the corrective lenses he gave me made things worse. Years later, and after extensive tests in the Eye Dept of my local hospital, I had got to the stage of being in pre-op waiting for eye surgery when the doc came to see me and said he could not operate as he wasn't convinced the problem lay in my eyes. I'm very grateful for his honesty and humility as it turned out that he was right (this was before I cottoned on to the mercury issue). I then paid for a private consultation and more tests in Harley Street in London - same result, the guy could not get any definite evidence that the problem was with my eyes - he reckoned it was neurological. As a guess it was better than nothing, but at the time I couldn't get anyone in the NHS to take my symptoms seriously and I certainly couldn't afford to pay for neurological tests! The eye problems eventually led to me giving up work, along with the headaches, nausea, loss of balance, disorientation, loss of fine muscle control, digestive problems, and a host of other things. All, as it turned out, due to the mercury. There can have been no other cause - my GP has long ago accepted that this is the only reasonable explanation. And yet medical science still refuses to recognize this.
Now, after having all the mercury removed, my eyes are absolutely fine, and all my other symptoms are gone too. I'd say I'm 99% back to what I should be. My mental concentration is the only thing I'd say that has not returned to its full extent, but it's possible this could be the effects of getting older!
So hang on in there - things will get better, just give it time.
Must stop - lots to do, but please keep in touch.
Best wishes,

Hi Paul<br />
The Coriander is not a problem due to taste or smell, I love the stuff, it was the reaction my head suffered due to trying the Pesto we made, I really think it was due to the fact I still have my Amalgams and Root Canals in place, I hope my experience is tolerated better once my remaining teeth are gone next week?<br />
Talking of denial, the Dental Hospital in Leeds wrote a letter regarding my appointment, expressing that my home saliva test showing Mercury was down to how much fish I eat, well I have had fish and chips 3 times this year and scampi twice, I really think they need to get a grip on the situation and realise their obvious quest for profits are killing people!<br />
Hope the computer is sorted mate, mine is my lifeline, but I really do believe it makes me worse, I always feel more disorientated with worse headaches after even 10 minutes use, I read there is a possible link between metals and computer monitors, we will see once the teeth have gone :-)<br />
Thanks again, I will keep you posted, Mark

Hi yorkie9688,<br />
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you - computer problems!<br />
Good to hear that you are making progress - and not surprised that you had more amalgam than the x-rays revealed. You are doing the right thing having it all removed, and it is good that the NHS is paying for it. <br />
Congrats on getting Andrew Cutler's book - his is the most comprehensive text on the subject around that I know of.<br />
You are correct in thinking that if the mercury has access to your nasal tract the likelihood is that you would be more susceptible to absorbing it into your body. All the texts that I have read on this subject say that the primary route for mercury from amalgam to enter the body is through being absorbed by the respiratory membranes. If you swallow it you'll obviously absorb some mercury, but because it passes along the gut and eventually out of the body the chances are that unless it is a significant quantity passing through your gut lining will absorb only a small amount while it is in there. With the respiratory membranes the situation is completely different, because unless you cough or sneeze it out it is in there for good and the only way it can move anywhere is by being absorbed into the blood stream and then to all the body tissues (primarily the brain initially, apparently, then the lining of the gut, hence the digestive disorders). <br />
I didn't find out about chelation until after I had my fillings changed, and, like you, I was on a tight budget (especially after having to pay for the removal of the amalgam and the new fillings!). When I got Andrew Cutler's book I checked out DMPA and the other synthetic chelating agents and decided against that route. First, it's an expensive medical procedure, and second there are reports of some (serious) adverse reactions to it. I didn't want to risk that, having a history of such experiences.<br />
So I tried chlorella algal tabIets first (from an online supplier). Took this for some time - no effect whatever, and after several weeks decided it was not for me. <br />
Then I started with small amounts of coriander at first - tasted weird - but no ill-effects and I grew to like it. Now a salad is not complete without it! Clearly it is impossible to compare what I would have been like without it with taking it as direct simultaneous comparison cannot be done, but I felt after a few weeks that my improvement had accelerated, and this continued for about a year, after which it slowed down (this is as predicted by other cases I've read about - once much of the mercury is gone the rate of improvement obviously slows down, as you've now got the worst behind you). But I still take coriander regularly as I've grown to like the stuff.<br />
As you've had an initial negative reaction to it I suggest you take a rest from it for a week or two, then try very small amounts at first mixed with lots of other green vegetables. It certainly has a weird taste, and not everyone takes to it, but you may grow to like it in time, just as I did (I think maybe that believing that it would be doing me good helped me to persevere). <br />
There are lots of other suggestions in Cutler's book - if you are patient and systematic you can work through them, but chorella and coriander seem to me to be the least expensive and most convenient routes to try first. There are also clay tablets and clay wraps (the latter requires paying someone to encase you in the stuff - didn't appeal to me).<br />
Don't give up - there'll be something in there that will work for you, it's just a case of perseverance.<br />
Please let me know how you get on.<br />
Best wishes,<br />
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Afternoon Paul, finally was seen by the Hospital last Friday, my Dentist removed my last 3 at the bottom yesterday, I am waiting for an appointment to have the last 8 at the top removed, these are the "Bad Boy's". The Doctor at the Hospital said I only had 3 Amalgams according to the X-ray, but after an oral exam he said they all had Amalgam, and more so I had 5 Root Canals at the top, so they have agreed to remove them all. One main concern is my furthest tooth at the back, it is into my Nasal Tract so once removed it might need a surgical stitch if it does not heal, got me thinking, if it is into my Nasal Tract surely the Mercury from that Tooth would enter my system even quicker? Fingers crossed this will be the start of me getting my life back :-) Please can you explain how and when you started on the Chelation, and what exactly you used? I started the Cilantro recipe but felt more sick almost immediately which scared the life out of me, I am on a very poor budget, and certainly cannot afford every supplement and DMSA that Andy Cutler suggests in his book, which is the most expensive book I have ever bought by the way lol. Many thanks again for your support mate,Mark. Oh yes the Doctor at the Hospital would not confirm possible Mercury Poisoning, but said I was more than likely allergic to Metals in my mouth, I will leave that open for any interpretation anyone can think of doh!

there are thousands of us suffering with it not knowing we need you to expose what has happened to you my name is AC fontaine 07572789433

Hi sayviour,
Many thanks for commenting on my experience - it's good to receive feedback and encouragement. Unfortunately I've reached the stage in life (late 50s, history of decades of ill-health) that means I'm not really in a position to go on a crusade, even though I feel so much better now. I've got too much to catch up on - it's like being given my life back, but in the meantime I've missed out on so much. If I were twenty years younger things would be different - I'd have a burning desire to crusade on behalf of those suffering from mercury toxicity. As it is my energies are focused on getting my life back on track, but I do my best on Experience Project to support others who are in a similar position to the one I found myself in so many years ago. With so many people out there who suspect that they may be suffering from chronic mercury toxicity, and increasing numbers discovering how to take steps to improve their condition, eventually the dam will break and this scandal will be exposed for what it really is, and public opinion will do the rest.
If I understand your message correctly, you too suspect you may be suffering from the effects of amalgam illness - if so, please read the comments on my story and the responses, there is much good advice and guidance there, and I hope things improve for you.
With best wishes and kind regards,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi Mike,<br />
I've never heard of such a reaction to coriander before, so it may be idiosyncratic (an individual peculiarity), or it may be a temporary response as your body isn't used to coriander, or the effects you felt may have some other (unidentified) cause, possibly in conjunction with the coriander.<br />
The taste of coriander is not to everyone's liking, and it may be that it doesn't suit everyone's physiology. Many people find that there are one or two food items that they have problems with (I get bad reactions to uncooked peppers and celery....).<br />
My advice is to avoid it for a week or two to let your body settle down, and then introduce it very gradually, starting with a tiny amount and then not taking any for a day or two. Monitor your reactions, and, if you are not experiencing adverse effects, increase the amount you eat next time it's on the menu. If it does make you feel uncomfortable, stay off it for a while, then try again with a tiny amount. Your body may become acclimatised to it. <br />
If not, it may be that coriander is not for you.<br />
It is important to bear in mind that if your symptoms are in fact cause by the mercury in your dental fillings, then your body has been in the process of being poisoned with mercury for many years, and the sudden removal of a quantity of mercury that is the source of the poisoning may affect the way you feel, and the initial outcome may be confusing as to whether you feel it is beneficial or not - not for psychological reasons but physiological ones (as when, for example, a person who has not eaten much for a while due to illness starts eating again and feels nauseous).<br />
Hope this helps - please keep in touch.<br />
Best wishes, <br />

Good morning Paul, still waiting for Hospital app next Friday, although my Gold Crown fell off while eating on Tuesday, god my symptoms took a mega tumble until they removed the tooth on wednesday, defo looks positive on mercury mate.<br />
We made a Coriander Pesto yesterday, I had 2 teaspoon full and my head felt really cloudy and the headaches are horrendous, hope I am doing it right, I wanted to try before my teeth are taken out, now I'm not too sure!<br />
Any advice would be great, cheers

I have just posted my story mate, I would love your thoughts cheers

Hi Mike, you've already read my reply on your Experience page, but I'd just like to say to everyone here that if you think you have any advice, guidance or just good wishes to send to Mike please read his story on his Experience page (yorkie9668) and let him know you are on his side.
Best wishes Mike - and please keep in touch.

Hi mate, not doing too good at the mo, my Doctors and Dentists cannot seem to decide who's problem it is, while they bicker I am getting weaker and weaker, I do not know why my symptoms have increased so quickly, but soon I won't be able to get out of bed, but still they think it is all in my head! Would kill for a chat if you know of a way let me know please, my fb is cheers again Mark

Ps.<br />
The Dietrich Klinghardt paper I mentioned can be found by googling : 9 steps to detox from mercury fillings.

Hi Agnes,
Many thanks for your feedback - I'm really pleased you found a dentist who could help, and that you are now making such good progress.
Also it's good to hear that my guidance helped you - websites like Experience Project come into their own with helping people get in touch over issues like this!
More and more dentists now seem to accept that mercury can cause problems in some patients and there are increasing numbers who know how to remove it safely.
Also good to learn that chlorella is helping you - there's much to be said for natural chelating agents, they're non-invasive, inexpensive and you can regulate the dose to suit your needs and response.
I tried chlorella but didn't have much response to it - perhaps I was not taking a high enough dose. But I did have a very good response to coriander (called 'cilantro' on the other side of the pond), which is worth a try, although the taste is not liked by many people (luckily I love it!). Although my symptoms are now all gone, I still eat it in greed salads and a variety of other dishes - delicious!
Once you are over the initial stages (having the fillings replaced, finding a chelating agent that works for you), it's like being gradually given your life back as the symptoms recede. Wonderful.
To all those who think they might have chronic mercury toxicity, my message is to persevere and try to identify the source of the problem. Once the medics have excluded the more obvious things that there are tests for (the tests for chronic mercury toxicity are not reliable, by the way, and in my view are not worth the bother or expense - I got fleeced and the results were negative!), it's time to do your own detective work and take control of your life again.
Good luck and best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Its a couple of months since I posted here and I partly wanted to thank Paul for his E-mail which helped convince me that my illness was mercury toxicity. <br />
I was worried that amalgam removal would cost me thousands, however I found a really good mercury free dentist in Manchester called Daniel Sutcliffe. After a long consultation he told me that only 7 fillings needed replacing (at £125 each) as the crowns should not be worried about - the likelyhood was that they were not hiding any mercury amalgam and it was only the amalgam exposed to abrasion that was dangerous. So I am halfway through my treatment - last three this week. The safety precautions make the removal uncomfortable but its surprisingly quick, and the new composites are really good. <br />
The dentist also recommended natural chelation with Chlorella - anyone else out there tried this? So i've been taking it for 3 weeks. I was taking 3g/day at first but after 2 weeks my symptoms started worsening - weekness in right arm and leg, tingling twitchy fingers, stiff joints, irregular heartbeats (PVCs). For a day or two I panicked, thinking I had MS after all, until I realised ( after a lot of research,) it was the Chlorella mercury detox - I wasnt taking enough to move the mercury out of my system, just moving it around. Have since upped to 10g/day and my sympoms have improved again. I can really recommend this paper by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D :-<br />
The Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol ( I would give you the URL but this comment system wont allow)<br />
Klinghardt advises taking 3g/day of Chlorella for 2 weeks then 10g/day for 1 week and so on. Alternatively 8 days of 3g then 2 days of 10g followed by 2 days rest then repeat. All this for 6-24months - until you are mercury free. He also advises on other dietry needs during mercury detox - ie. adequate protein intake, omega 3, vitamin c between chlorella doses to move the mercury quickly through the intestines etc.<br />
<br />
Another thing to note is for time of Amalgum removal Dr Klinghardt recommends 10gChlorrella for two days prior to amalgum removal and several days after followed by routine amounts.<br />
<br />
Theres a lot to take in but it all makes good sense and I will post again to let you know how i progress. Another thing I am now sure of is that viruses, stress, tick bites and other toxins also played their part but were amplified by the mercury in my system. Mostly I just cant wait to get the last 3 fillings out this week.

I am 44 & my life is hell with all these symtoms & more mainly my gut burning severely & my skin feeling sunburnt. I have been ill since 18 but it started getting worse 8 years ago & continues to worsen every week now. I've been told years ago it's CFS (chronic fatigue) but its way beyond that now, I've had endoscopys and many many blood test, now I'm not candida & hyperventilation but that's not the whole reason, I'm suicidal now as no one believes me & just keep saying I need anti depressants, yes my anxiety is way way out of control it's unbearable & of. Of course I'm depressed I'm in total agony & want to die rather than live another year like this but I am alone with two children & they need me, I am a heavy smoker due to the stress of all of this too. My joints hurt and I wake up in a terrible state of pain and burning gurgling acid in my gut, brain fog, burning eyes and cannot bare to eat as it gets worse, my mouth tastes like metal and stings too (which is made worse than ever if I eat tinned fish) I have had breathing problems and chest pains taking me to a & e but the worst is the gut problems and the extreme fatigue, I can't even do a supermarket shop now. I get sever stress and anxiety over the smallest of things my body just can't cope, I don't get it at all it's pure hell. If this is mercury how can I afford to get my fillings removed as people will think I'm just clutching at yet another daft straw. Please help.

Hi Soul67,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time - and I hope what I am about to say helps you find a way forward.
First, from your symptoms and history it is possible that the cause of your ill-health is mercury toxicity (obviously other things can't be ruled out - there are other long-term chronic conditions that might be contributing, such as dietary intolerances, so these are worth investigating as well).
If you are in the UK two websites worth trying are (Pam Clayton), and
Both these women suffered from mercury toxicity, and I think their websites are still active.
You could also google the Henry Spink Foundation, there's a good article on there, also try googling the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology; and also Mats Hanson's essay on
Also worth trying:
Also try:
I recommend buying Andrew Cutler's book 'Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment - What you can do to get better - How your doctor can help'
It's available on the internet, about £20 plus shipping from the US. I found it invaluable - this guy really knows what he is talking about, he is a chemist (PhD) by profession, and cured himself of mercury poisoning after the medics gave up on him.
I would also recommend trying to give up smoking - it will be making your symptoms worse, even if you get some temporary psychological relief from each cigarette. That step may have to be postponed into the future until you feel strong enough, but you should try to become more aware of your body's reaction to cigarette smoke - believe me, it is wholly bad, there are no positive effects whatever, only bad ones (I say this as an ex-smoker!). It is the addiction that makes you feel you need them and gives the impression you benefit from them - you don't benefit in any way, only the cigarette manufacturers benefit!
Try to be strong and please don't give up - there is a future out there waiting for you and it's one you can access, you just need to find the right key. Obviously I don't know what that key is, but I'll do what I can to help.
Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
With very best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

49 years of mercury poisioning,two years on,a very different person,having a brilliant dentist,Mrs Foley,in Formby Liverpool,<br />
This should never have happened to me,at age 7 the local doctor used a mercury ba<x>sed ointment,the problems that followed,whole body covered with what looked like burns,water blisters,from some crude testing the Doctor found that I have a sensitivity to mercury,With this information I should have had a trouble free life,instead of what happened,now I can trace back and see what mercury did to me.<br />
On joining the RAF as a boy entrant,in the first three months 7 amalgam fillings later,I just colasped,six or so weeks later,after the so called virus nearly killed me,having been subjected to a medical officer,s examination,The statement that I had hygein problems,then years of suffering,Zantac became my friend,so many things have changed since I had the fillings removed,and tried several remedies to get mercury out of my body,my driving,and ability to stay awake,but the most remarkable thing is I am so happy to be alive,the horrible anxiety lost forever,years of high blood pressure,given up on doctors,oh trying dandelion roots,because I no longer take the blood pressure tablets I should,but my blood pressure is fine,and far far better at what I do,fixing,White goods,yes at 66,my life has changed for good,and I know for certain it was mercury

Hi Jndavid490,
Thanks for sharing your story. It's good to hear that you found a way out of your suffering and are able to enjoy life once again.
Best wishes,
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

Hi, I am a 44 year old woman rapidly becoming convinced that I have mercury poisoning. I've been feeling acutely ill since February with heart arrhythmia, complete intolerance to alcohol, dizziness and feeling faint, brain fog, blurred vision, fatigue, insomnia, low mood, intolerance to slightest stress (makes all other symptoms worse) etc. After a couple of doctors tried to palm me off with anti-depressants ( lost my father last year so they jumped to conclusions) I found a doctor who believed that it was a physical illness and put me in for tests - ecg, full bloods, echo, lyme desease, all sorts - all negative. I asked the doctor yesterday what her stance was on mercury fillings - she said she believed they could cause problems if someone had a lot - I have 14, including some root fillings and some with crowns. So i asked her if I could have a blood test for mercury - apparently she couldn’t do it without putting in a special application and proving that that everything else had been ruled out. I don’t know what else they can test for but I guess she wants to wait till after my referral to a cardiologist next month. She did say I could talk to my NHS dentist about getting tested for mercury poisoning- somehow I can’t see that happening can you? She also said that symptoms of mercury poisoning would not normally come on so acutely - the thing is that I have been having other problems for the last couple of years - tingling, weird numbness and jumpiness in right arm and right leg (this has worsened since feb) also prone for years to fainting and and sensitivity to presc<x>ription drugs, the pill etc. I last had two fillings/ crowns finished last November. Doctor has precribed Beta Blockers now - I dont really want to take them - feel they are just masking the problem, and may make me feel worse . I want to get tested, convince my family of what is wrong with me and try to get some help with funding the safe removal of these fillings and some sort of replacement. I don’t know what to do next.

It amazes me that dentistry is prepared to take such a massive risk with peoples health in order to fill peoples teeth. If the tooth is so bad why not pull it out? Dentistry is a greedy self serving profession and the people who go into it do so primarily because they stand to make a lot of money. They continue to use this **** in peoples mouths in the molars as they think the fillings are extremely hard and the question needs to be asked when was the last time you chewed up a heap of rocks for breakfast? The hardest thing i have ever chewed is probably toffee on a toffee apple.Most of the stuff we eat is soft and amalgam fillings are overkill. It amazes me that governments stand bye and do nothing while dentistry is systematically poisoning innocent people,and dont give me that bullshit that the dentists dont have an alternative composite fillings have been around since the sixties.How many innocent people need to have their lives ruined for the sake of some fat greedy self serving dentist

I've been dealing with dizziness, ringing in my ears, weird sensations in my head, fatigue, anxiety and depression plus a ton of unlisted symptoms. It started at 20 and has continued everyday since, I'm now 27 with 2 beautiful healthy boys. I've been to numerous drs and nobody can give me answers. I was told it was an inner ear infection but idont believe it. I've searched and searched for answers and came across the option of mercury poisoning. I have 14 fillings right now. I just got my blood test back and it was normal for mercury. What other tests should I get? I'm trying not to get discouraged over this as I've been so hopeful for this to finally be my answer!!! If anyone knows what steps I should take next please share!!!

Hi kmali27,
I usually reply with a private email to comments, but your experience with the health professionals deserves a more public response, and my answers to your questions will, I hope, be of interest to others also.
I'm not a medical doctor - I used to be an academic philosopher, but I've done much searching for answers on the topic of chronic mercury poisoning and some of what I say may be of help to you.
First, your experience with medical professionals is not unusual. The vast majority know nothing about chronic mercury poisoning because they aren't taught anything about it or, if they are, the message is that you can't get it from amalgam dental fillings.
Just do an internet search on 'amalgam poisoning' and you'll get lots of contrary views. Of particular interest are essays by Mats Hanson, John Wantling, and Christopher Malmstrom; there are also useful articles on the Henry Spink Foundation website and the website of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. There's lots more about it on the web than there used to be - really no excuse for medical professionals not to educate themselves even if their tutors do not wish to!
The most exhaustive treatment of the subject in book form is the self-published work by Andrew Hall Cutler, a biochemistry PhD who treated his own amalgam poisoning successfully. He also has a DVD out now, I believe - both are available over the internet. The book is called 'Amalgam Illness' and is well worth the money - it's a little technical in places, but the guidance is always very clear, including a discussion of the pro's and con's of different treatments.
About your specific situation: The blood and urine tests tests are notoriously unreliable, and in my view not worth the cost. If the test involves the use of a powerful chelating agent there are health risks attached, and in my view best avoided unless you are so unwell that you are totally desperate for an answer. But the chances are the tests will not provide an unambiguous result.
Far better is to research the signs and symptoms of chronic mercury toxicity and see how well your symptoms compare. Again, this is not conclusive, but if there is a good correspondence, it may be worth pursuing the matter further.
If you do conclude that the most likely cause of your symptoms is mercury, then I suggest you try non-invasive treatments as a palliative first (the clay wraps and baths, etc.) there are also algal tablets and many other forms of non-pharmaceutical treatments outlined in Cutler's book.
If these result in some relief from your symptoms, then that can be taken as providing some confirmation that these symptoms might be caused by mercury.
At that point you are in a position to make a well-informed decision about having your amalgam fillings removed. It's not cheap, and will probably have to be carried out over a number of sessions. Find a dentist who is aware of the precautions he/she must take to avoid exposing you to further contamination from the mercury vapour and particles which will be released when drilling out the old fillings (if this is not successfully done your health may get worse!).
If you do take this step (and in my view this is the only way of affording the hope of permanent relief from symptoms) be aware that your recovery may take some time to get started (in my case about six months, although my teeth stopped tingling immediately). It takes a long time for the residual mercury in the body tissues to be lost naturally. Some people advise the use of chelating agents - well worth investigating. I used natural methods - chlorella algal tablets and the herb cilantro, the latter seemed to work best for me.
Whatever you do, don't give up hope of finding a solution - your history sounds consistent with amalgam illness, and the lack of medical responses indicates the underlying cause is something the health professions are either baffled by or choose to ignore (apart from a few exceptional individuals, they're all in denial about amalgam illness). So my advice is to pursue the issue of amalgam illness and take whatever steps you decide are needed to try to improve your health.
Good luck and best wishes.
Paul (mercury survivor)

hi iv just read your post and so greatfull that you posted it. i moved house and had to sign upto a new dentis and was told i needed 3 fillings done, i must say iv had loads done but always had gold filling put in. but this new dentis did not give me an option just filled with siver fillings, since iv had them which was 10 months ago iv had a constant sore thoat which keeps filling up with puss filled boils, plus cronic headach, chest pain, blerd vision, shakes, ect and im 100% belive its dowen to the silver fillings and now reading this im 110% sure it. thank you ill be going back to my dentis now. sorry for my spelling mistake.

I am desperate to get my mercury fillings out and find myself obstructed by my nhs dentist who insistes that mercury is safe!!!??!! Wow! Talk about indoctrinated rather than educated! <br />
Anyway, for those of you with mercury fillings and those of you who are in the process of removing them, please look up the benefits of edible clay/Bentonite/greenclay. Eytons Earth is a good starting point. The clay safely detoxifies and is a great tool in the quest for good health. It's safe for animals too (my cat was ill after the vet removed some of his teeth. The drugs were too much for him and gave him diarhhoea with blood in it. He didn't want the vets additional medicine (which smelt rank and chemical-heavy to me) for the diarhhoea and it occured to me to give him some of my bentonite drink. It sorted him out. Within hours he was pooing and acting normally) Take charge of your health ....don't leave it to the gps/dentists/vets. Educate yourselves. Cheers

Hi Firbolg, Great to hear from you.Sorry to learn about your symptoms and that your NHS dentist is taking the 'official' line on this. When I went to my own GP with my suspicions that I was being poisoned by my amalgam fillings he told me they were't taught anything in medical school about this, except that they were 'safe', so I expect the same is true of the dental profession as well. Which begs the question as to why the World Health Organisation thinks amalgam is unsafe for children under 7 years old and pregnant women! My NHS dentist said he was happy to remove my amalgam fillings but couldn't do it under the NHS, so I paid him to have them removed, and then reverted to his NHS list. You may be able to find an NHS dentist who will do this, you need to ask around. I'm now almost 6 years post-removal, and I feel great, I'd recommend it to anyone. The use of detoxifiers/chelates can only combat the effects of the mercury, it will never remove the cause, but it's better than nothing; and if you do opt to have your amalgam removed it is worth continuing to use your Eytons Earth for at least a year or two afterwards as there will be significant amounts of mercury in your body tissues that need to come out (this will happen very slowly in any case, but the sooner the better, in my view).
Best wishes and let me know how you get one.
Paul (mercurysurvivor)

HI Paul, thanks for your message.
I do intend to get the fillings out whatever bull the dentist gives me. It's absurd that we are expected to accept as fact that a material which is hazardous prior to being put in our our mouths, and post-removal from our mouths, becomes safe whilst in our mouths!!
Regarding cleansing the body I'd urge you to google bentonite. I use it quite frequently as insurance and also take MSM and sometimes chlorella plus eat a good vegetarian diet (lots of green vegetables, etc). I recently read that chlorella and MSM are good for combating the mercury poisoning which is a happy accident as I was just taking them for general good health :) Anyway, this is worth a look regarding detoxing methods
I hope that you continue to enjoy good health and thanks again for sharing your story
Best wishes, Fi

Here is an interview by a holistic super-doctor to the leading holistic dentist on the planet.

Hello to everyone,<br />
<br />
As I read all your comments I can feel every single symptom as I experienced last year.<br />
I am a plastic surgeon and when I started feeling all these unexplained symtoms I did every study I could do to get the answer until I found that my Mercury blood and urine levels were three-fold high.<br />
In that moment I realised that all I was experiencing was mercury poisoning and as all f you I really had it hardtime. <br />
I changed my lifestile avoiding any mercury source like eating seaproducts or using any potentialy mercury vaporising contaminants. I tokeout all my fillings (in 4 sessions as re-intoxication my get worse during the fillings removal) and started a high vitamin sumpplement diet as well as consuming natural chelants like garlic (wild garlic).<br />
After 3 months of doing so I started to feel normal, recover my strenght and the head numbness dissapeared.<br />
The reason why I am telling you this is because no matter haw bad you may feel, there is always improvement when you get to know the reason of this illness. I really can not understand why dentist still dont understand how bad are they doing to all the people they treat with mercury and most of all I really worry how our life is going to be by contaminating so much our water, oceans, soil and food with so many contaminants like batteries, computer trash, radiation and so on...<br />
Being a Doctor, before I knew that I was experiencing mercury poisoning I was really mad not finding the reason after so many tests. Now, after I got to know what was happening and improving I can only worry about how our world is going to be in the near future.<br />
<br />
Greetings to all of you.

I want you as my doctor. You won't laugh at me if I suggest low level mercury poisoning. Thank God one more doctor, out there, understands. They are wayyyyy to few and far between.

I found out I have mercury poisoning recently. Everyone I have told about this looks at me like I have 3 heads!!! i want to spread the word, but I get the feeling that people don't believe me or my story. I have been ill with this for years. I have sores on my tongue now, I have seen 5 dentists and doctors. I finally found a holistic doctor that was smart enough to order the urine test that diagnosed my poisoning. <br />
My whole mouth is filled with finnings. I am wondering if it would be easier to just have all my teeth pulled out?

I believe you are on the right track. Pulling all the teeth may be extreme. I had a doctor laugh at me when I suggested I might have low level mercury poisoning. I have had dentists laugh at me, others were extremely evasive. You're not alone finding and incredible verity of diverse opinion about mercury fillings. Start at you-tube and search under amalgam mercury fillings. You may be surprised what you find.

hello im also having a problem finding help in the uk my son had an amalgam filling put in at the end of august he developed an eye tick almost straight away his hands started to shake he had night terrors and very quickly went from a normal happy confident 10 year old to a completely different person and last thursday night after seeing a child specialist who completely patronised me and told me he had a common tick and to see him in 3 months time me and my husband decided it was mercury dont ask me how we came to this as i really dont know but friday morning it was pulled out his dentist and all the staff thought i was crackers but i didnt care anyway im now worried that i should have maybe had it removed safely but i think its all out (i have the tooth) and can clearly see how it was affecting him but what i need to know is where do we go from here hes very tired but most of the symtoms have gone i also think hes lactose intolerant and have read that if you are allergic to lactose it wont help rid the mercury that is still in his body so please help i could really do with some support here and what foods would be good for him thanks for setting this up!!!!

Hi, Google bentonite/edible clay/green clay. Eytons Earth is a good website too for information. The clay removes poisons from the body and is sfae for humans and animals. I use Bentonite and it is phenomenal (and inexpensive) Good luck

Google mercury detox. There are books and books on the subject. I've read dozens of stories of mercury filling removals, improperly done, causing such, and even worse damage. Looks like some kind of pattern to me. By the way, I am having mercury fillings removed and am looking hard at Bentonite, especially after reading Firbolg comment.

Fundameantal is on the it to a T

After reading about mercury poisoning, I am starting to supsect that I may have it. I am in my mid-thirties and I have one filling as an adult, which is over 20 years old. For the past couple of years, I have been dealing with recurrent bronchitis, sinus problems, allergies, rhinitis, my teeth aching, and more asthma symptoms. It is very frustrating since I have been eating very healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water,etc. I will feel better for a couple days, then I am right back to crappy again. I have been telling people, "I am missing something here." As a child, I had about 4 silver fillings and suffered from constipation, anxiety, and depression. I also suffer depression and anxiety as an adult. Can a person suffer many health problems from just one silver filling? I will add that I have been more into hot drinks the past couple of years (i.e. coffee, tea), which can exacerbate it. One more thing: when I get bad bronchitis, I taste metal in my mouth. Is that normal? Just want to hear other's opinions on this. Thanks. . .

Mercury builds up in the body. Over time some can displace it, only if all mercury sources are stopped. One mercury filling still provides mercury for poisoning, apparently enough to weaken your immune system causing the grief described. Mercury should remain a prime suspect on your list.


hello anybody who reads this.i aint going to make this a long story even though i want to.ten years in a day.thats what it feels like when you have been suffering an uncontrolable break down due to unexplainable health issues,physical and mental.mercury poisoning,mercury poisoning,mercury poisoning.i raised this subject with my doctor after discovering i have a mouth full of silver fillings!silver my rear end!!i asked my gp,could these things be causing all my problems?>."you have to talk to your dentist"!wooo,touchy,i thought to my self>he wouldnt enter into any kind of conversation about the possibility that i have been mercury poisoned from a very young age by these things.mercury is highly poisoness and toxic even at very low levels."o,he said dentistry and medicine are different feilds of health care".when i heard him saying this i thoughtn to myself,waw,even if dentistry causes physical health issues!its only once you stop trusting in the system of government so called health care proffessionals,and reasearch things yourself,especially surounding mercury poisoning from so called"silver"fillings that you come to the very real conclusion that anybody with silver fillings are being subjected to a daily doss of mercury!very bad news as it acumilates over time causing serious imune dissfunction.a massive cover up has been taking place for a very long time.since around 1850.anybody can access this knowlege via the net.there is no such thing as a sensitivity to mercury or an is a poison,full stop!it affects everybody.fortunately sum people can withstand its affects for longer than others but it will catch up with you eventually.if you access"HOUSE OF LORDS DISSCUSSIONS ON THE TOXICITY OF DENTAL AMALGAM.a meeting of scientists clearly state worryingly for some,financially that is!"If dental amalgam were to be recalled,and there are millions and millions of them fitted in peoples mouths in the uk,The NHS would go bust over night my lord!".You see,its obvious to me that to inform the nation on the toxicity and very dangerous nature of dental amalgam"silver"fillings,could be financially catastrophic for the world!so the dental associations have no choice but to deffend its use!and try convince people that they are safe,when they know fine well they aint!sorry bout my spelling but you can imagine what my excuse is!mercury mercury mercury!if you want any kind of alife get them out!and dottox big time.cheerz for reading

Sounds right to me. I've read enough to have a strong opinion.
Mercury fillings are the dental subprime loan and the resulting disaster worse than the financial crisis. It's time to start rethinking just about everything.

Hi,<br />
I am new to this forum and wanted to share my story as well. I recently had an Amalgam filled tooth break (with the filling still intact) and my health has been deteriorating the last 4 weeks. Today, my GP doc did a bloodtest for Mercury, Lead and Arsenic...but it takes 2-3 days for results. Meanwhile, I am very sick with the following symptoms:<br />
<br />
extreme fatigue, nausia, abdominal bloating, cloudy head, metal taste in mouth, light head/dizziness, excessive urination, belching, dry hair, pressure behind eyes, fingers tingling, tight something is sitting on me, lower back pain, bruising easily, stiff neck on ocassion, stomache gurgling, eyelid tremors and this is all I can recall recently. I am really having a hard time remembering things and even holding a decent conversation. I have had previous bloodwork that all came back normal except for inflamation protein??? I also had complete abdominal scan and x-rays that came back fine. I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago after complete upper and lower GI's but these symptoms are so much more severe than than previous ones. Anyone have any info to share?<br />

Hoping the testing finds something useful.
Mercury testing needs improved. Results always seem mixed.
A holistic approach starts with diet, hydration, gastro-intestinal (fasting), heavy metals (amalgam fillings or other exposures), jawbone disease (dental), to parasites, worms, and on and on. The upside is you will always find what you need to know the last place you look.

Yes, I have a very similar story. I developed symptoms around the age of 11 which would have been around the time that I began getting 'silver' fillings. They came and went (chest pain, panic attacks, hand tremors), but just as you said I did not consider myself sick - until - my late 20's. That is when a needed to have an older silver filling replaced. The dentist replaced with composite for aesthetic reasons. Around the time, I began to have episodes of illness. Then I had a few more replaced (with no precautions), so each time my mercury levels were increasing. Finally, I became permanently ill. My symptoms included (headaches, hair falling out, ear ringing, visual disturbances, chronic sinus infections, severe gastrointestinal problems, numbness in extremeties, burning pain in extremeties, stiffness, muscle pain, joint pain, a blood disorder, panic attacks, tremors, etc). I was lucky enough after several years of suffering to see a doctor who suspected high mercury. I had my remaining fillings out, I did chelation, and most of my symptoms are completely gone. Every month since removal, I have only gotten better. I think this is widespread - really widespread. I think it is only the sickest of us that figure it out because there is no way that so many things could go wrong with us without having a common denominator. <br />
<br />
I am glad you are doing so well. I highly recommend chelation for you. You can do it yourself pretty inexpensively (buy the book 'Amalgam Illness' if you don't already have it).

A humble contribution.
A reliable source said that vegans do not detox well for mercury. At least they need organic chicken,eggs, turkey during the detox period. Be open to this idea.

I have also heard from someone who treats people with MS that they claim never to have cured anybody who was a vegetarian. I t is possible that it has something to do with certain amino acids being a substantial source of sulphur which is known to bind with mercury in the body - and specifically with a sulhur-containing group called 'thiols'. These are possible to find in some vegetables, although I do now know the relative amounts.

I agree that eggs, poultry and cheese may just possibly be necessary for a mercury detox. They are all high-sulphur foods.

Good luck