Mesomelia In My Womb

         I am 7 months pregnant and when I was about 4 months my unborn son was diagnosed with Mesomelia to his right side.  His right hand has absent digitations, right fibula is also absent, along with a shortenend tibula, and disarticulation of his right foot.  I am trying to understand his condition more,  but my doctor says that he does not even understand his condition(great doc ey!?).  I have switched doctors recently.  My last doctor said it was a result of my ovarys??? I am very confused and alone if anyone can help me understand this I would forever obliged.   My fiance has just recently left me,  not sure if it is due to this,  but that is the way it seems.  I would like to learn more.  My email is if you would like to email any information you have for me.  Thank you very much.

Tmomma0911 Tmomma0911
18-21, F
Jun 25, 2009