My hair can look either way, really messy or really cute. Sometimes the messy look is kind of cute, but it has to look intentional. Especially after I wake, my hair looks so bad, hahaha, I look a bit like a lion when I wake up. Several times, people have taken a look at me right after I have awoken, and they just smile and start laughing. It's not really funny though, it's a pain in the butt to keep up.
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Haha, I have been known to make my nieces look at me all surprised and say that my hair is really big.

haha thats so funny, i have the same problem. volume is not sexy on me, my hair looks like this big mane. it often makes people crack up, and when i wake up..i think that would scare kids lol

lol yeah I hear that!

I dont' want any kids in my house when I'm 60. x] I want them to gtfo.

why not?

Well, yeah, but if I ever decide I want any, I don't think I would want to have any past the age of 30.

heh didnt you want to wait too?

At 40? Geez, you really want to wait. Hahaha.

Naw they could bald anywhere from 25-80. Say I have kids at 40 or something, then I would be 65, and odds are they would have all their hair!

Yeah, but I meant... like, "You aren't going to be dying anytime soon" So if you ever did have kids, I'm sure you'd grow old and see them bald if they ever do.

You did to say anytime soon look up!

[x Haha, I'm not saying anytime soon.

I dont think I will have kids any time soon though either. lol one thing at a time!

Bullshit, I don't think you'd be going anywhere anytime soon.

lol I dont plan to live long enough to know if my kids go bald..

Well, let's hope your girl won't have that trait. x]

Actually it is said that going bald is a trait passed down by the female.

If you have thick hair, then most likely that will be passed down to your kids. And they would be grateful because then they wouldn't have to worry about going bald. I know how men are all sensitive about that subject.

how do you mean?

If you ever have kids, I'm sure they will be grateful for it. x]

Yes I am sure that will never happen for you. With as thick as my hair is I dont think it will happen to me either.

Yeah, that is true. :P At least since I have a lot of hair, I don't have to ever worry about losing too much of it and balding.

lol probably would. You have way more hair then I do.

I would make an awesome lion. :D

Oh well I kind of like lions.