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I Could Have Been A Dr!

All my life, my handwriting has been horrible. My grandmother even tried to enroll me in handwriting classes to improve it.Did it help? No, so the Math/Handwriting tutor just told my grandmother "With years of practice,she may improve a little,she can be a Dr! Their handwriting is similar to hers". Wow! I wasn't expecting that:) So, in college then and even now, no matter the assignment, they ask me to type it out! My handwriting is either small, close together or just "scribbled" looking. I still practice and hopefully one day I will have beautiful handwriting ! Oh well, at least I have other talents!
realityvsdream realityvsdream 36-40, F 2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

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Sorry to hear that. At least we are not alone :)

Join the club! I have a hard time reading my own writing if it is more than a week old.