The Young Boy That Became A Doctor.

I was not aware of his history when meeting him twenty-eight years ago after my daughter made her entry into the world. He was the doctor that did the initial exam. He became deeply concerned for her health and performed more intensive tests. He realized she had a serious respiratory infection. No time was wasted in ordering that she be whisked off to our local children's hospital where she spent her first eleven days in ICU. We later took home a very healthy baby girl who is now the mother of my seventeen month old grandson, a very handsome young fellow who gains much of his good looks from his mother. (It is important to note that his mother IS my daughter.)
It was perhaps five years after I met the doctor that her mother and I learned he was liberated from a Nazi death camp when he was a young boy. We were stunned to say the least We will forever be in his debt.
I am aware of those that believe the Holocaust to be a hoax. I will refrain from commenting any further concerning the fools because many of my comments would not be printable.
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Jun 13, 2012