He Was Lovely

I met a holocaust survivor last month. He showed us a film about his experience then talked to us.

However, at the beginning of the film you see a countryside type village and a sound which I thought sounded distinctly like Doctor Who's TARDIS (time travelling machine). I tried to muffle a giggle but a friend next to me looked at me and mouthed ' What's funny?' and I quickly got out of pen and wrote ' TARDIS' on my hand which she found immensely funny.

But I calmed her down and we looked serious for the rest of the 2 hours. I actually got a chance to talk to him 1 on 1 and he was just one of the most gentleless people I've ever met. Plus he kept shaking my hand which I thought was wonderful. I hope to bump into him again one day.

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2008

I have met several and heard them speak at memorial candle lighting services. It is really tragic what happened to them!