He Says' It All But I Don't Believe Him?

I'm too cynical.  I know that now.

I've waited all my life to hear the things he's saying to me.

but i think life has kicked me too many curve balls and i too cynical to appreciate it.

he's living in a house with a woman mate who's he's just mates with tho they have had sex in past in a drunken nite once.

so am i to believe it when he says he loves me after only 3 weeks of knowing me?

or am i answering my own question here?

katt261 katt261
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2 Responses May 10, 2010

What he's saying could be true and could also be a lie. Maybe you should get to know him better first.

You can spend a short amount of time with a true friend and you will know them better than a person you've spent years with. Sometimes, you've got to trust your instincts. I have not always done that (especially in the marriage arena), and it has always bitten me in the end. <br />
<br />
Pay attention to everything else the guy does. Is he consistent? Does his actions confirm or deny his words? Does he look you in the eyes when he talks to you? Does he have good friends? (That last is incredibly important...)