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I have met a powerful healing Witch named dragonofdeath. 

   I had been reporting on my mood “update” that I was in pain and not feeling good in part because I have not been sleeping well. 

  Out of the blue I get a PM from dragonofdeath telling me that he is does not want to see a brother in such pain and wants to send me healing energy if I don’t mine. I said sure. And forgot about it.   I’ll be honest I get these “I’ll pray for you” from people all the time and I am polite but I don’t expect much.  

That night I slept like a baby. In fact I put my mood change at “refreshed” because I slept so well. 

  I got another PM from dragonofdeath saying he was glad I show refreshed and feeling better. I text back sure, thanks. I was not very excited because I sometimes get a rare good night sleep and knew it was not going to happen again.

Then dragonofdeath PM me again and stated he was sure he could send me a solid connection of healing energy if I was ready. I began to suspect he was for real and asked him what he wanted in return. dragonofdeath told me he wanted nothing but to see a brother feel better. I told him to send away.  

I can not remember the last time I woke up NOT in pain. My wife can not remember the last time either. I got up feeling like I was at least ten years younger and made coffee and toast for my wife and myself.  

I don’t care if anyone believes this or not but I believe and I am proud to call him a powerful brother Witch…Dewduster.    

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
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Please everyone I would like for you to if it ok with you Dewduster for you all to sperad this story. As well i have gotten much stronger since then and i am will to help all who needs it. So please do not I REPEAT DO not feel affriad to ask me lol i am open and i am honest and caring. So blessings to everyone. Thank you <br />
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WOW! The world knows!...DD

As if I would let someone say something nasty to my dad and have him get away with it! Humpf!<br />
<br />
Really -- I'm really happy he helped you -- that's GREAT! And anyone who helps you is cool with me.

SaratogaGirl, you go girl! You have a bit of that warriorMom in you! Only not the mom part so much-I hope...DD

g2400y, what an ignorant and unfeeling comment that was... a real, rip one off snide remark.<br />
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A person's pain is nothing to make light of, and I would venture to say that there is a great deal more to distance healing than you have ever conceived of.<br />
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I'm so happy that Dragonofdeath was able to help you, and that you had some painfree time. Dragonofdeath is ACES in my book if he helped you!!! {{{HUGS}}}

SamuraiPhoenix, perhaps you as who you are now may or may not understand this great Dragonofdeath, but you can and should take a step closer to understanding him by PM. Tell him what you feel...DD

Dragonofdeath is an amazing individual! He's so caring despite certain situations that are against him. And he was born with rare gifts. I wish I could know more about him but it would not be in my place to. And I may not have the ability to understand.

Thank you xiaomei, I really like all your commits...DD

g2400y-I am glad you are "Feeling enlightened". <br />
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First, you know nothing about me. Let me inform you that I have been in severe pain for 8 FU*KING years. I have several Doctors and physical therapist who have tried ever thing know to modern science to help alleviate my neurological damage that is causing my pain. <br />
I have also known many alternative healers who have also tried and failed. None of the Doctors, therapist or alterative people have been able to make any suggestion that works.<br />
<br />
Only strong pain Rx have given me any relieve.<br />
<br />
.I went to a psychiatrist in hopes that he might have a suggestion. His report made specific mention that I have an unusually strong personality to resist suicidal idealization after enduring the crippling pain I have for so long. How “enlightened” would you feel after being in my condition for eight years?<br />
<br />
Lastly, what kind of sociopath are you to attempt to disillusion me from my reprieve from hell? You may feel “ enlightened”, I suspect you have read a book on psychology at best, but you are in fact a pompous a-hole...DD

The power of suggestion is powerful especially when one is desperate and gullible (though one probably causes the other).

That's amazing!