You Gotta Go For It!!

I was dating my ex-monster, the one now inprison for trying to kill me. Believe it or not, we did have some good times, one of which is when the group Cinderella came to our state. Anyone remember them....?I loved their ballads, and it turns out my ex was crazy about them.

Well, out outdoor concert got rained out, so the band was just wandering around, drinking, schmoozing with people, and my ex wanted to go over and meet them. He was too shy.

Not me!! I am not one to pass up the opportunity of a llifetime! I amrched my tiny little behind right up to their circle and introduced us right away. We hung out with them for over an hour when they decided the rain wasn't going to quit, so they loaded up into the bus.

But I wasn't done yet.....I wanted autographs. Since the driver wouldn't let me on the bus, this really tall guy lifted me up on his shoulders and I climbed in through the bus window. Everyone watching was laughing. But I got all their autographs on my tshirt, which I still own to this day!!!

Best concert I never got to see!!!!!!

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I would've been hanging back too... I'm glad you got to enjoy it :-D

I'll goggle it! :p

They are from the 80's, sing "Don't know what you've got till it's gone" um crap...I forget the

Cool! You really climbed-in the bus through a window? I don't think that would've worked as well for a guy..<br />
<br />
Oh. I have never heard of them. :p