Mewold and I discovered a few months back that we actually live in the same area, and planned to eventually meet up.  Welp, he contacted me this mornin from the hospital and figured it was the best neutral ground to meet.  I jumped at the chance and decided to take a long lunch break today.  Stopped by and grabbed some flowers and a book of old fart jokes to bring him to help pass the time at the hospital, cuz thats what friends do right? lolz  Dayum it felt good to actually give him a real gift instead of an ep gift.   
    I am so glad I got the opportunity and honor to meet this awesome dude.  I know what ya'll are wondering... was he nude?  
Welp, definitly!!  at least he was underneath that lil sheet... lol.  He respectfully threw a sheet over his nude *** for me, maybe next time I'll let him be all nekkid and stuff.  I just wanted to be able to look him in the EYES and not be distracted by mr. one eye himself.  I of course immediately gave him a big hug and pulled up a chair, but ya know.. I was so comfortable around this teddy bear of a man, I coulda plopped up on the hospital bed with him.  He just has a way of makin people feel comfy.  We only visited for an hour an a half cuz I had to get back to work, but I could have talked with him all day.. he has lived an awesome life and has many stories to tell.  

Btw, Mewold.. the nurse asked me when I left if I was your daughter..  I almost told her you were my mesbian lover.. but I behaved. haha! 

I could tell by the smile on the nurses faces coming in to help him, that they've prolly been enjoying treating the ol' fuhk..  I know I sure enjoyed meeting him.

Mewold... look forward to dinner with you and your wife sometime soon!

whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
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Awwww you've actually met this awesome man! I miss him so,so, soooo much! :'(

@ whisperingsunshine...... ha ha ha ha ha.

lol Hannah777.. poor guy can't win for nuthin, e'ryone wants to see him.. but not his boys. lolz

whisperingsunshine....I envy you...I'd love to meet mewold in the flesh long as he's covered up where he should

ep tweat? ju lost me cupcake, which isn't difficult to do.. but tweat twiddle and twitter away dahlin, howeva I went old fashion and met him face ta face.

I don't think I"ve ever met an EP tweat before? hhhmmm *Twiddle my thumbs* who should I twitter with?

Pretty.. hehe we talked about you.. did ya feel the good vibes lolz <br />
<br />
Toady.. it was cool , he's awesome. Hope you get to meet one too.. hell I hope we get to meet :)

That is waaay cool... Im gkad fir the both of you two. Even better that you're so close..Yay... so neat..

ok will do

*is in laughing fit please try later*

If I had a chance I'd love to meet all the peeps in my circle, Didn't know I'd start witt an ornery naked ol man... but i'd havta say he's a wonderful pick. Mewold dahlin, all ya hadta do was pat your lap, I'd have been happy toooooo... call in a nurse for extra blankets. lolz

This is a great post, but whisperin had a few inaccuracies. Number one, the reason I was under a sheet is because my friend did come in and sit down, she would glance at me every few minutes, giggle, and ask if I was cold. Well, I wasn't, but I wasn't goin ta tell whisperin that! LOL. It was great fun meeting her, and she is every bit as neat and fun in person as she is on EP. By the way, had whisperin actually plopped her butt on the bed, I might not had looked so cold. Ha, ha, ha. * mewold peaks under the sheet, lookin for a warmin trend.*

Awww, what an AWESOME post. I think you were totally lucky to get to meet each other!! This just made my whole day!! You both just ROCK!!

oh that's just so fantastic whisperingsunshine ... how lovely to be able to meet face to face ... sooo jealous!!! love and hugs to you !!

thanks lala

lolz sunnilove, I agree about the trolls. But I love that I got the chance to meet one of my circle peeps..

awww wow!

sigh...<br />
i'm not really jealous! i'm happy for ya!! that is so very wonderful...and there aren't many here that i wouldn't love the chance to meet! well, maybe a few diehard trolls....but it might be fun to look one of them in the eye/s! ;)

Thank you littlelena, it was cool for sure<br />
<br />
Ford my bro.. you're next dude! lolz<br />
<br />
Woobie, I feel especially lucky to have met Mewold look forward to stirrin up some trouble with him. <br />
<br />
Destry.. yes it is, I was very comfy around him<br />
<br />
Queenie.. yeah.. daisies.. this hippie couldn't help herself.

LOVE this post....LOVE that you and Mewold were able to meet up and that you made one another's day so special. Mewold, if you read this, i hope you're feeling better soon.... Sunshine!!! i am sooooooo envious that you actually got to meet an EPer!!! :0]