Meeting With Lilith

So I met with someone named Lilith one time. Worse, it was at night when it was my bedtime. So I closed my eyes and I've seen this Lilith person. Her hair was brown and long. She talked to me. She said that if i don't have sex with her then she would change into a man and make me have "demonic babies". I ran away from her as soon as she said that. I was being chased. And the scary part...... she was in person. I'm not a lesbian but I'm bisexual, but I didn't want to have sex with a demon. So i told her that i didn't want to have sex with her. So she got angry. So I ran home (Before i was in the middle of nowhere.) Suddenly I didn't feel that I was at home. I was in hell. Lilith's hell. She said that I made her angry so she would trap me in her hell until i had sex with her. i told her no again. So she changed into a man who was attractive and put his penis inside of me. I screamed and screamed until I woke up. I woke up and said to my self that everything was going to be okay. I typed Lilith on my computer and it turns out that Lilith is a real demon who sucks the life out of men and makes women pregnant. But in other cultures, shhe was a good goddess who watched over women when they had babies. Hey but that didn't happen!
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1 Response Apr 16, 2011

Wow, I'm not sure where you got the crap you looked up...Jehovah created Lillith first, before Eve ... as part of his garden project. She was only "demonised" later. I don't think it was actually her that you encountered, probably only some spirit pretending. Of course, tormenting people who think all demons are evil seems to be a favoured pasttime of many imps, devils, and demons. I don't know at what point she hooked up with Lucifer, the Roman god of light ...later angelicised and demonised by the Christians. Christians seem to like demonising pagan deities.